How to Flirt: The Best Ways to Make Him Lose His Head

Touch his heart and he will rock your world

Can you make a guy smile by just talking to him? What is the best way to talk to a guy that he will like? Do you know how to have a conversation with a guy that melts his heart? Here are the secrets to talk to a man in a romantic and flirty way.

When your guy means so much to you, you will want to tell him that you care about him a lot and want him more. You also want him to know how much you love him. You can get through to your man by learning how to talk to a man in a romantic and flirty way. Here are three tips to getting into your guy’s heart.


Tip # 1: Tease him and play with him.

Guys have a great time picking on each other and teasing one another. They love the playing and teasing. He will enjoy it when you do it also. Tease him gently and get goofy if you want. This playful interaction helps get the two of you closer and forms a bond. Make sure you tease him in a way that will not embarrass him in public.


Tip # 2: Motion for him to come close and when he does …

Whisper in his ear that you think that he’s pretty sexy night and you look forward to the rest of the night. Tell him how he looks sexy and you can be provocative. Share secrets with him in crowds and your relationship will grow and grow.


Tip # 3: If he means everything to you – show him

Once in a while, you can come out and say that he means the world to you. Do not overdo it because if it is said too many times it really will not mean much later on. You can show him in many different little ways. Your non-verbal communication can be looks, smiles or even the way you kiss and hug him. Talk to a man in a romantic and flirty way and you will see him like it more and more.

Source by Tina L. Jones