How To Grow Grapes at Home

Tips for growing grapes at home


Growing grapes at home is never an easy task. You need to be familiar with the planting techniques. You need to have patience because growing grapes takes a very long time. But if you want to have grapes for your own table or wish to start a simple wine business, better learn how to take care of your precious grapes.

The fist thing you need to know is that all kinds of grapes need a special condition to grow, and there are types suited only to a specific use. Some grapes withstand harsh winters, some don’t. Some need lots of space for growing roots, some don’t. Grapes for wine taste bad when they are eaten, and vice versa for edible grapes. You have to know what temperature your area has in the colder seasons and how many days the cold lasts. Then check your backyard if it has a larger area for planting grapes. The three important things that you must have in the backyard are direct sunlight, air resistance, and drainage system. If these things are in your backyard, then start planting grapes.

Dig a hole deep enough for the roots, put the plant in and put back all the soil. Insert the pole right next to the plant and tie it to elevate the plant upwards. Separate each grape at eight to ten feet apart. Water frequently during the first month to help the grape vines get established in the soil.

The next step is to train the vine to grow on a trellis. A trellis is a horizontal pole or wire above the base to act as a support for the growing branches. A full-grown grape must look like an oversized vine thrown upwards from the root and downwards at the end of the second or third trellis. When the plant reaches the first trellis, train it by pointing the tip upwards. It will take some time to train the grape. Don’t forget to prune every grape vine yearly.

Harvesting usually starts after the grape’s third year. Don’t harvest too soon, or you will get a sour grape. Let the color sink in, and then wait for a few more weeks. Use a sweetness test device. If it does taste good, then it is harvest time.

Growing grapes at home can take years of persistent work. But proper care for the grape vines also brings sweet results. Someday, you might realize the spectacular scenery of a grape vineyard in your backyard.

Source by Mclean Dearth