How to Handle Your Boss and Why You Should Bother

If you are doing well and performing excellently with the tasks you are given, make sure that your boss knows all about it

What you must always remember is that your most important relationship at work is the one that you build with your boss. No matter how hard you work or how good you are if you do not have a healthy connection with your boss, you will have a very hard time advancing in your career, if at all. It is this relationship which will act as a deciding factor along with your competence for the job. Your boss and how you manage her is the key to a raise, a promotion, and other work perks. This is the more truthful reality rather than competence being the only key factor.

If your boss gives you a cold shoulder at every chance she gets or worse, does not remember you at all, then is logical to assume that you will never get the tasks that will showcase skills for a higher position which helps one get ahead.


If you are doing well and performing excellently with the tasks you are given, make sure that your boss knows all about it. Even if you are working so hard, never assume that your boss knows about it. No. Do not bombard her with songs singing your praises but make sure your performance is not left unnoticed. Remember, you are a brand and like any brand, you need good PR. Without PR, you can not beat your competition or gain due recognition. Market yourself to your boss. The simplest way to do this is to keep your boss in the loop of things. Reassure your boss by giving him or her details and specifications that you think are relevant to the whole project.

Some say that in order to get recognition for a job well done, one must be assigned to the core priorities. However, I beg to disagree. Most managers now have come to realize how having a competent staff to handle routine tasks is essential and crucial to a business’ success too. Accounting and auditing personnel were not given due recognition years back but with scandals of firms regarding that department arose; businesses struggled with their own papers and filings hastily and the people behind these departments were suddenly given kudos notes. Now, most managers have learned and are learned.


Now another thing you must remember is always to be prepared. One of the worst things you can probably do in and to your career is to walk into the boss’ office unprepared. Being called into the den does not necessarily mean a promotion or a ding call. It may be that your boss just wants to know the flow of tasks. To prep yourself for the possibility of being the receiving end of penetrating questions, know the details and specifics. Knowledge and know-how is one of the few things your boss expects from you. If you sound hesitant or if you evade some aspects of issues, your boss will think you are performing a slipshod job and you will thereby have a harder time building your credibility. If you want your boss to trust you, you have to carry the weight of your word and his expectations.


Another thing you must remember is the word consistency. Never forget this word and better yet, live the word. By consistency, I do no only mean your performance. But yes. Be consistent with your performance. Do not have a fluctuating performance level. It will reflect badly on your stability as a person and as a professional. By consistency, I also mean being consistent with the image you project. The image you project to your boss must not contradict the image you give to your coworkers. The reason behind this logic is simple. If you think you are the only one interacting with your boss, think again. Your coworkers and how the interact and relate with you also makes and projects an image of you to your boss. It would be best if you have a consistent message from both parties.

The last thing, I can share with you on this topic as of the moment is probably the most crucial to your relationship with him or her: Respect.

Now this word tackles a lot of things. But since other aspects of this word are generally common courtesy, what I mean is respecting her time. When you want to tell your boss something, get directly to the point. Cut to the chase. Summarize your message so that he will get the key points and may clarify if he so chooses.

Source by Summer S