How to Have a Blast At Delhi’s Awesome University Fests

Every semester has college students excited to a whole new level with the fest season, which entails hanging out, awesome events, meeting new people and exploring other college campuses. It’s a once in a year opportunity where students can flaunt their talents and make it big in the university circuit. But every coin has two sides and so do these fests. Famous artists come for these events and the crowd gets quite uncontrollable at times, so much so that the cops barge in. The weather too can play tricks which can hamper the spirit of these fun fests.

College students know their way around these issues so lets ask a few of them for some dos and don’ts.

1. Don’t Wear Skimpy Clothes or High Heels

apoorva bajaj

Its saves you from the unwanted attention and severe leg ache!’ said Apoorva Bajaj, a final year student of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of commerce. Wearing something comfortable is always the smartest choice even if the whole world resorts to fancy and prickly clothes. So dress smart and be smart!

2. Reach on Time

Another student Sushmita Lahoty from Indraprastha College for Women said, ‘reach before time for the event so that you stand closer to your favorite artist and get a better view of them.’ And you never know if you get lucky enough to get picked by your favourite star from amongst all the people in the crowd. Neelakshi from Miranda house also suggested that you better leave before the concert ends to avoid yourself from getting squashed in the stampede, which follows.

3. Carry Just Enough Money

Juhi Sharma from Lady Shri Ram College for Women said “Do not carry a huge amount of money along with you but do carry all the change you can so that you don’t have to keep looking around for it in the stalls “.

4. Get the Right Bag

radhika rathi

Carry a bag, not a backpack or full size tote bags, but a small sling or satchel, which can be easily managed said Radhika Rathi from Daulat Ram College. For the men as I suggest keep your wallets in your front pockets or the inner pockets of your jacket to save yourselves from pickpockets.

5. Eat Beforehand

Before leaving for the fests kindly satisfy your tummy as you have to spend a long long time during the show. Do try different food counters put up in the campus (special mention to the irresistible desserts counter) said a big time foodie Prateek Sharma from Shri Ram College of Commerce.

6. Go in Groups

simran bajaj

“Going in groups is smart. And most importantly, the chances of eve teasing reduce. Moreover, the expenses are split and the fun multiplies!” said Simran Bajaj of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce.

7. Take Plenty of Selfies

Get clicked with the fancy props and numerous selfies are a must. Do invite your other college friends to make them envious of how happening and cool your college is said Priyam Jajodia of Daulat Ram College

Fests are wonderful and eagerly awaited throughout the year but the crowds can be insane. So have fun, be smart, stay safe and enjoy the party.

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