How To Heal Joint Pain With Natural Remedies

Don't Give Up on Your Joints and They Won't Give Up on You


Prescription drugs are not the only choice when it comes to healing your joints of pain and stiffness. Did you know that it’s possible to address most, if not all, of your joint concerns with a regime that consists entirely of natural supplements and holistic medicine? It’s true. Here are a few of the joint friendly supplements available today and some information on the reasons they work.


The natural remedy called “horse chestnut” is one of several successful joint health remedies that do not require a prescription. Horse chestnut contains a compound we call aescin that has anti-inflammatory properties and will reduce swelling and edema in the joints (as well as other areas of the body). It is available in a gel form that contains a mere two percent of the active ingredient. When this topical gel is applied to the joints, it aids to reduce swelling in a short matter of time, even taking into account the low concentration of horse chestnut. This product is usually applied every two hours and is particularly popular in Germany where it is commonly used to treat minor sports injuries.


Many health care practitioners, who are in support of alternative medicine, consider Arnica to be one of the most effective ‘healing’ herbs on the market. Arnica can be both ingested and used as a topical treatment for painful joints. A mixture of one tablespoon of arnica to five hundred milliliters of water will make a great topical treatment for the joints. It is recommended that you soak a rag or gauze in the mixture and apply it to the joints in fifteen-minute increments four our five times per day.


Another all natural remedy for wounded joints, Comfrey is widely used as a topical treatment for joint swelling. A recent study indicates that applying a comfrey ointment to inflamed joints four times per day provided as much relief, if not more relief than did a leading topical anti-inflammatory. A comfrey ointment is generally comprised of thirty-five percent of the active ingredient.

There are lots of other great holistic remedies for your joint pain. If you’ve never considered the holistic approach, you should take some time to investigate the testimonials of people who have had great success without ever taking prescription medication.

Don’t give up on your joints and they won’t give up on you!

Source by Melvin Michael