How To Hint To Your Boyfriend That You Want Him To Be Romantic

How to get your boyfriend to be more affectionate

Have you been feeling like your boyfriend has become less affectionate or even worse, less romantic?

Come on, even strong independent ladies like us want our guys to give us butterflies in our stomach every once in a while. Moreover, lack of romance in a relationship is a major red flag so here are a few tips to re-ignite the lost spark:

1. Act Romantic: If you want your bae to do things for you, you’re going to have to do them as well so why not be the first to do it? Don’t sit there waiting for him to always take the first step. Be ahead of the game ladies! Bring him breakfast in bed, surprise him at work or you could just buy him a gift. Don’t forget it’s the little things that count. You could even send him flirty messages, this will definitely set the mood for a little romance.

2. Glamour Up: Lose the usual casual clothes and wear something hot or rather sexy for a change. This is sure to catch his attention. Remind him what a great catch you are.

3. Compliment Him: When he tries to do something romantic or even minutely cute, let him know how much the gesture actually means to you. Appreciate him. After all, every guy craves a little appreciation once in a while. At least he’ll know that you notice everything he does.


4. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane: Just go through old pictures, cards or messages together or you can talk about the best times you’ve spent with each other. This walk down memory lane will surely bring back old emotions into the picture and you both will realise how much you’ve been through together. You could casually mention how special you felt when he previously did something romantic for you. This will get him overwhelmed with old emotions and he might just surprise you.

5. Be Vocal: If nothing works just be straightforward with him and let him know how you truly feel. Tell him that you miss the intimacy and romance in the relationship. Not only will he respect that you for speaking out but will also try to rekindle the lost spark.


So, ladies, it is up to you now. Men aren’t difficult to understand after all.