How to Look Good and Get Fit

10 ways to stay fit

Another New Year, and time for those resolutions we all love to make and break by February!  On top of many lists is the ultimate goal to get fitter in order to look and feel better!  We’ve come up with some top tips to help you shed away the extra pounds as well as shaping and toning you up!

To Run or Not to Run
The hardest part of running is often getting started especially now the nights are cold and dark and all you want to do is curl up in bed!   However, running is probably the most effective form of exercise you can do and it’s free!  Find a running partner and help motivate each other to run longer and faster.  Otherwise, download a play list and create the ultimate running soundtrack!

Walk the Line
Did you know that a 20 minute brisk walk burns around 100 calories!  Walking is still one of the best forms of exercise you can do!  It’s free and it can also halve your travelling money, so instead of catching the tube or bus to work, why not walk instead?  Remember to wear trainers, heels are a no no! Buy a pedometer if you want to know you many steps you have taken today.

Time for a change
Cosmetic Surgery has never been so widely available and increasingly popular.  The number of cosmetic consultations booked for January and February 2009 has risen by 32% compared to last year.  If you are feeling self conscious about a certain part of your body, cosmetic surgery is an option. It needn’t be about weight and shape related treatments, patients are also requesting consultations for facial and dentistry treatments.

Gym-nastic, very fantastic!
The majority of gyms across the UK are now offering newcomers some fantastic discounts, so there’s no excuse not to join!  Try to go at least three times a week, many people find it best going before work as it gives them extra energy to cope with the challenges at work.

Think Small and Chew
Bigger portions equate to a bigger belly, remember your eyes are bigger than your stomach.  For a week, try cooking a little less and using a smaller plate, this will tell your brain that you’re eating more than you really are.   Chewing your food is really important, you need to chew until it has turned into mush.  It is recommended that you chew at least 5-6 times per bite as it takes about 15 minutes to get that bloated feel after you’ve eaten a big meal!

Try something new today!
Have you ever wanted to try out Salsa dancing, kickboxing or Pilates?   It is also a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you.  If you don’t want to go alone, encourage a friend to try it out with you.  The best thing is as there are so many classes available you are sure to find a class near your home or work.

Did you know that in water we only weigh about 10% of our original weight!  Swimming is the ultimate all round exercise, working out every muscle in your body.  The water allows you to do exercises that are difficult on land and as the water continually cools the body, exercise is less painful and more comfortable.

Power of the Mind
Hypnotherapy is a great way to relieve any psychological problems and habits quickly and efficiently.  It can help you stop smoking, sleep better and lose weight.  Hypnotherapy helps get your mind ready for anything by enhancing your performance and determination.

Weight loss or cosmetic surgery can be a great way to quickly and effectively get the look you desire. From tummy tucks to nose jobs, facelifts to dental veneers; there are a number of private hospitals and clinics that provide very high standards of surgical excellence in a range of surgical, and non surgical treatments and procedures.

Overall, there are many options out there to get you fit and help you look and feel better, the only option that is beneficial in the long run to your mind, body and soul is to always keep active.  Being active can help you live longer and feel and look better.  It can even help reduce the effects of conditions like diabetes and coronary heart disease.  In addition it can help you manage your weight and improve your overall balance and last but not least, improve your mood and aid restful sleep.

Source by Jessica Samuel