How to Look Younger Without Surgery

Beauty never gets old

So, you want to look younger. Who does not? Personally, I do not recommend going to the trendiest teenage clothing store and trying to revive your inner teeny boppers. But I do think people should try to maintain a sense of youth in their appearance as they age. The best way to feel youthful is to keep your skin young and fresh. Preventing skin damage and erasing already existing wrinkles and other signs of aging can boost your confidence and make you feel years younger. The right wrinkle cream can help you achieve this.


Collectively, people spend millions of dollars a year on surgical procedures and anti-aging products that promise to remove wrinkles and take years off your appearance. Let’s face it unless you are filthy rich, you are probably not going to be in for routine face lifts. Aside from being outrageously expensive, cosmetic surgeries are also painful, require significant recovery times, and have a disproportionately high rate of customer dissatisfaction.

So, how can we look young without surgery?

Diet and exercise.
The first step to preventing wrinkles and improving the condition of your skin is to eat well and exercise regularly. For many people, this is the hardest part. We hope for a miracle cure to all aging issues because we are caught in the busy, fast food lifestyle. We do not have time to exercise and may only have time for one good, home-cooked meal per day. The surprisingly good news is that if you can free up just 30 minutes a day for any type of continuous aerobic exercise, you can significantly improve your health and start on your way to unhealthy, wrinkle-free skin. On top of that, many of the foods that are great for preventing wrinkles and improving the health of your skin can easily be packed up for midday snacks at work. Berries, nuts, and vegetables are leading foods that contain antioxidants to help the body stay strong and defend itself against outside stressors.

Avoid stressors that accelerate wrinkle formation.
Sun damage is, of course, the number one environmental stressor that experts say to avoid if you want to protect your skin from wrinkles and other damage. If you know you will be in direct sunlight for a while, apply a water-based sunscreen that will not clog your pores. Wearing a hat to shade your face will also help keep your skin wrinkle-free. Aside from avoiding excessive sun exposure, it is also important to avoid cigarette smoke and limit your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. All of these stressors can damage or dehydrate your skin, leaving it more susceptible to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Wrinkle creams.
Finally, wrinkle creams offer your skin a moisturizing protective barrier. Some even contain ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen or relax facial muscles, visibly diminishing existing wrinkles and skin damage. Find a wrinkle cream that contains natural ingredients proven to fight wrinkles and nourish your skin for an overall healthy, youthful appearance.

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Source by Mohammad Bhatti