How To Love Your Baby Without Pampering It Too Much

Love your baby enough so that they are confident to face the world

From childhood to old age, human beings want to be loved by near and dear ones. Love connects people easily. It produces care and concern, without which no one would take the responsibility of looking after others. And the love given to a child is more important than any material goods a family can provide.

Love has a profound effect on the lives of children. Their mental capabilities, their fluency of speech, their observations on life-all are affected by it. It goes without saying that most parents love their children dearly. It is a very natural instinct seen in every parent. But the display of love varies with the age and level of the child. It is most important in the very young age when children need to be cuddled and hugged. For a baby, physical display of love is important for growth and development. All through the toddler years, physical affection remains the most prominent way of displaying love. As the child grows, this changes to less direct ways of showing affection. At this period, the child has various needs and desires. Talking to him constantly, taking interest in his school work, friends, listening to their problems with interest and solving them etc. are all parts of love. When you give positive attention to the child apart from bathing, feeding etc., the child well understands that he is loved.

The effect of love must be evident in the speech and behavior of the parents. Children don’t have the wisdom and insight to realize that even punishments and reproaches are signs of love. It is thus very important to display love to the child or at least inform him about it in subtle ways.

There is a potential danger for many parents and children if they shower excessive love or pamper their child. A child is showered with lots of love, not only from a parent but from friend and relatives of parents too. This can be misdirected. Excessive love is when you, as a parent pamper your child, refusing to let him face any trouble, tending to his needs and fulfilling all desires.

Ways to love without pampering

  1. Loving and caring make a child confident. But an excess of it makes him dependent on you.
  2. The demands of a child are unending. He will constantly want more- more attention, more toys etc. Don’t fulfill all his demands at a time. Talk to the child, listen what he is saying, give different suggestions, play with him and try to understand him.
  3. Take interest in your child’s hobbies and interest. Give your baby more time and understand his needs. Don’t unnecessarily pamper him by giving what he wants.
  4. A loving relationship with the parents makes the child a loving person. Lack or excess of love can spoil him.
  5. A baby has to be brought up carefully and methodically. The responsibility of upbringing, training, and education of the child totally rest on the parents. You as a parent should aware of the fact that love and affection is essential for good breeding of the baby but pampering can come in the way of desired results.

Source by John Rope