How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You And Be Your Soul Mate

So make it your aim to be best friends with your man

What do we really need – food, clothing, and shelter – and to make a guy fall in love.  The first 2 are necessary for our survival – physically.  The last one is for our survival emotionally.  Do you want that special man to love you?  Do you long for the soul mate of your dreams?  Are you ready?  Now is the time to make a guy fall in love.

There are all kinds of dating advice on the market.  Many people advise examining male psychology.  And the reason?  We need to be loved.  We need that special person to say, – I love you.-  It can be very hard to be happy when we feel that we are all alone.   We have been able to attract men – but only for a short period of time and only superficially.  Let us discuss what to do now.

They say that a good marriage consists of two people who are best friends.   And that makes sense.  Best friends are peopling who like each other.  They are on the same page, so to speak.  They enjoy spending time with each other.  And they admire each other.  So make it your aim to be best friends with your man.  Better yet, when you find a good man, become a guys friend first.  Then take it to the next level.  Then it will be time to make a guy fall in love and make him commit.

How does one go about making a friend?  Suppose you met another woman and you thought she could be a good friend.  What would you do?  You would NOT want to seem like a stalker.  So, you would call her.  Then, DO NOT call her again.  Wait for her to call you.  The same holds true with a guy.  The best advice is to let him know you are interested; then let him set the pace.  Do not call repeatedly when he shows no interest.

If you find that your man calls you back, try to be the kind of person he would enjoy spending time with.  Be pleasant.  Be interesting.  Be informed.  Smile.  Learn to tell a joke.  Treat him like a friend.  Thats the kind of person we need to be if we are going to make a guy fall in love.

Source by Tina Jones