How to Make a Homemade Solar panel


Do you want to make a homemade solar panel? It is a good thing that more and more persons are putting interest in discovering ways to make solar panel at home. The sun is always generating enough energy more than our world needs. It is always there for you to exploit. The prices of energy have been increasing at an incredible manner for some years now and it is tough for some people to settle their utility bills, most things are increasing but your salary isn’t. Majority of persons experiencing these increase in prices of energy are searching for other ways to save money on energy.

Solar energy is few of the inexpensive means to get renewable energy. Once you install solar panels in your home, it will fully change the need to buy power from the utility firms. This is the way to stay off the grid and you will be able to power majority of the appliances in your home utilizing solar energy. In contrast to other sources of power, solar power is 100% green energy and it can be renewed. The major setback to this is the cost of installing, it is very costly.

It can cost up to $20,000 to $30,000, including the panels, batteries, converters and other equipments used for it. These huge numbers may make people intending to install this kind of energy to change their mind but the good news is that there are ways to go around this in order to spend less than $500 for what you would have paid over $20,000 for. Luckily for you, it is possible for you to use your own hand to create your solar panel for a small proportion of the cost. The equipment you require to make yours will cost below $200, together with an easy to follow step by step manual which you will use to make yours.

It is very essential to find a helpful DIY homemade solar panel manual

Qualities of a good solar panel guide

– Adequate colorful pictures, illustration and diagrams which you can easily grasp.

– Step by step videos and instructions

– The manual should be made clear using a simple language which you can easily understand.

You can find some varieties of DIY solar guides which you can make use of on the internet and they are not too costly. Again, you can easily find free info all over the internet but the problem I had with them is that it is difficult to gather them together and also some of them skip important steps. The manual I used to make my own solar panel cost just $50 and it did guide me well towards creating my own panel. It steps come in 2 guides, it’s written in text form with colorful pictures and illustrations and its second guides is a DVD format.

Earth 4 Energy is a DIY manual which consists of videos and guides which you can easily use to build your own solar panel from home for under $200. If you want to live off the grid, now is your opportunity to build yours less than the price of commercial made ones. Check it out at

Source by Osita Modozie