How to Make Your Italian Pasta Salad Taste Great?

When you think of a healthy food you certainly know that salads are right on the top because they are delicious and healthy and they can extinguish the fire in your belly in short time allowing you to feel full when are hungry in between meals and also when you want to start your meal. There are many people that look out for Italian pasta salad recipe that they can find to ensure that they have something along with the main course or they just want to enjoy their salad in between the meals.

The best way to enjoy salad is to go for pasta salad with Italian dressing and for that, it is important that you understand how Italians actually make their pasta salad more delicious. The trick lies in how you make it and what kind of ingredients you add to it. While there are many books that stick to certain ingredients and vegetables while they are making pasta salad but the fact is that you can certainly experiment it the way you want it and make your pasta salad delicious. When it comes to greens most chefs stick to iceberg lettuce but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. You can add more greens like baby spinach, dandelion leaves and even heart of Romaine that can add to the flavor.

You can also make your Italian pasta salad more interesting with a wide range of vegetables that offer a different taste. You can add some vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots, bell peppers and even zucchini and raw squash to make your pasta salad taste great. Many people also add jicama and turnip to the salad which is healthy and is a low-fat vegetable.

If you want to make your pasta salad taste great you can also add meat to it. Many people prefer to add bacon bits to it but they might not offer the right health factor that you are looking for. Hence, it is recommended that you add chopped chicken and fish pieces to your salad. You can also add shrimp and crabs to your Italian pasta salad to ensure that you go for some healthy proteins.

For dressings, you can certainly buy ready made bottle dressings that you can find in the market, but making your own dressings are recommended for your Italian pasta salad. You can try adding raspberry balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar to your pasta salad.

Source by Jyotsna