How To Overcome Old Age Memory Loss

Suffering from memory loss and you can't do anything about it is biological in nature


Avoid Age Related Memory Loss and Start To Increase The Memory Today

There are some very common misconceptions about being able to increase the memory that prevents people from addressing mind and memory loss effectively. It’s time to debunk these myths so you can start to increase the memory and have a healthy mind and memory well into your senior years.

The Age Factor When it Come to Being Able To Increase The Memory

The misconception: as one age, one suffers from memory loss and you can’t do anything about it because it’s biological in nature. This misconception is tied to the fact that the mind and memory do age over time, and yes, it does lose some of its effectiveness after a few decades. However, age is not the only factor to consider when it comes to memory loss. Along with age, there are other elements at work here:

–          Anxiety about memory loss

–          Multitasking

–          Inability to manage daily stress

Role Memorization To Increase The Memory and Fight Memory Loss

Rote memorization, or the continuous rehearsal of information, is often touted as the best way to learn, increase the memory and stave off mind and memory loss. While it can be used as a tool for memory improvement, continuous repetition of information doesn’t actually improve anyone’s recall of information. You need to create a pattern and give form to the information so the brain can remember it more efficiently.


The Brain Can Be Taught to Never Discard Information

In some rare cases, people are unable to discard any information, no matter how frivolous or plain the information is. But these are quite rare cases and for 99% of the human population, this does not apply. It is possible to store a large amount of information for long-term recall, but eventually, the human brain will forget some things. When information is no longer being used, the brain will most likely let go of it.

This type of memory loss is a natural process and should not be troublesome. It is not a foregone conclusion that as you age you will lose your memory. However, you do need to start today on mind and memory training that will increase the memory.

Source by Samuel Glover