How To Pair Wine And Pizza Together

A good wine will make the pizza taste ten times better


Imagine this: you are relaxing on the couch, eating a delicious cheese and pepperoni pizza, and drinking a beer. Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon doesn’t it? Now imagine that same scenario but with a glass of delicious Malbec or Torrontes in your hand. You just wet yourself with excitement, didn’t you? Don’t lie to me! Wine should not be an alternative to the beer while eating pizza. It should be the king beverage, the head cheese, the price of pinot! Many of you have never drunk wine while eating pizza. Therefore you are a bit confused on how to pair wine with pizza. Here is a quick guide on how to pair two of man’s greatest creations.

Cheese pizza is the easiest pizza to pair with wine. Those of you who are white wine lovers will find that a full-bodied Chardonnay will pair perfectly with a cheese pizza. It goes well with the cheese, tomato sauce, and crust. The red wine lovers out there will find that a light Malbec, Sangiovese, or Chianti pair perfectly with a cheese pizza.

I recommend a good Australian Shiraz or Argentine Syrah for a meat pizza. A Pinot Grigio may also work in this case. The proper wine will often depend on which meat is used for the pizza.

There are a few wines that pair well with vegetarian pizzas. A vegetarian pizza will often lack the intensity and flavor of a meat pizza. It will require a much more simple wine. A good wine for the job is Pinot Noir. Drinking Pinot Noir with a veggie pizza will bring out the flavor of the sauce while not killing the flavor of the vegetables. Another good choice is Torrontes.

Think twice about cracking open a cold one while eating a slice. A good wine will make the pizza taste ten times better. It will make you appear more sophisticated as well.

Source by Thomas Howard