How to Prepare Awesome Bible Lessons for Teens

Look for other parallels that will instill Cristianly values, while providing some biblical advice on coping with the challenges

Being a teenager is tough – especially teens that are growing in their journey through Christianity. The Bible presents a unique platform for greater understanding to this country’s youth providing relevant information that parallels some common challenges with these teenagers.  If we are to reach this younger audience, then we must make bible lessons for teens that reach out to them about issues and temptations they deal with in everyday life.

The first step to preparing truly awesome bible lessons for teens is to locate scripture and readings that are directly relevant to this time in your student’s life.  One great example of this type of relevance is evident in the Book of Corinthians, where the church in Corinth was transitioning from paganism to godliness. Stories of transition can help teenagers to cope with the transitional feelings they are experiencing as they move from childhood to adulthood. Look for other parallels that will instill christianly values, while providing some biblical advice on coping with the challenges.

Once you’ve determined relevance, you will need to keep the subject matter entertaining.  This can be achieved through a variety of means including holding your bible lessons for teens at differing locations to influence to the overall atmosphere of your lesson.  Choose locations that bring an air of fun; like pizzerias, parks, picnic groves, museums, and the like.

Teenagers prefer craft activities that are not childish-seeming or overly complicated.  The grunge look has gained popularity and is easily created with scrapbooking supplies from retailers like Michael’s, Joann Fabrics, and even Wal-Mart.  Compliment your Bible lessons for teens with mini-word albums that the group can decorate, embellish, and grunge-out.  Supply chipboard letters, paints, distress inks, rubber stamps and other odds and ends including printed scriptures that apply to your area of study. Another great project that teens will enjoy is to create a backstage pass.  This is easily done by decorating a credit-card sized piece of cardstock then laminating and attaching to a lanyard.  You might be surprised to see how creative and interactive your group becomes when working on projects like these.

Don’t forget about the power of the internet for fresh ideas.  It’s easy to find great bible lessons for teenagers online and many offer printable materials, craft instructions, and reading assignments to get you prepared quickly.  All you need to add is a little bit of creativity and leadership in order to produce many awesome bible lessons for teens.

Source by Jayden Reynolds