How To Quit Smoking

8 Limiting Beliefs That You Need To Get Rid Of

The simple reason most people don’t know how to quit smoking is because they have all these excuses and reasons why they can’t quit. But if you are prepared to get rid of those limiting smoking beliefs for good you will have a very poor chance of quitting smoking.

Let’s examine a few of the most popular useless smoking beliefs.

1. I need to smoke when I’m bored. Boredom is a kind of stress, nonsmokers have to contend with this all the time. Cigarettes never ever solve boredom.

2. I need to smoke in order to think. Blasting your brain with 4000 toxic chemicals can’t help you to think, it’s stopping for a few minutes to relax that helps you.

3. I need to smoke to relax. Smoking causes an adrenalin release, This is more likely to cause anxiety not relaxation.

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4. It’s harder to quit smoking than to quit heroin. It’s just an urban myth, did you hear of anyone going into rehab to quit smoking? Have you seen someone lying in the fetal position in a pool of their own vomit when trying to quit smoking!

It takes many attempts to quit cigarettes. Rubbish, it’s only the pharmaceutical companies who tell you that because they want you to fail. Plus well-meaning government departments who promote these same drugs. Don’t believe it for a second, with advanced hypnosis most people will quit in under 90 minutes.

5. Smoking is my friend. Yes, it may be a friend but its a terrible friend who steals your money steals your time and ultimately steals your life.

6. Smoking helps me when I’m stressed. Again nicotine causes a release of adrenaline and cortisone, these are stress hormones, not anti-stress hormones. Your stress will always be made worse by smoking.

7. But I’m addicted, I can’t quit. In our experience, only about 5% of smokers are strongly addicted to nicotine. The majority are strongly habitually addicted to the act of smoking, these habits are easily broken with hypnosis.

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8. I don’t have any willpower. In fact, you have amazing willpower, every day you eat sleep bathe work etc, but willpower alone won’t break the smoking habit. It has to be done via the subconscious.

Unless you are prepared to set aside all the useless smoking excuses you are doomed to continue smoking. But if you do change your thinking you will be instantly primed to easily and successfully quit smoking.

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Source by Ian Newton