How To Ride Motorcycle On Wet Pavement

Safety precaution is always better than cure

Do you ride your motorcycle during winter? If not, then you need to read this article and find out how you can safely ride your motorcycle on the wet and icy weather.

During rains, it is difficult to ride on wet pavement because of the mud, snow, and ice. This can call for fatal accidents for motorcyclists who aren’t careful.

Here are some pointers for safely riding a Street Motorcycle in wet and icy conditions.

  • The dressing is the most important thing to consider before riding in wet weather. The first thing you must do is put on some warm clothes. You need to put on motorcycle gloves, warm motorcycle jacket, and boots. The bike windshield should be intact, it is important that you get the best protection possible. To avoid being foggy, ensure that you wear a half-mask inside your helmet.
  • Take time to inspect all the parts of your motorcycle. Ensure that everything is in place and in a good state before you go for a ride. It is recommended that you use Street Motorcycle Tires during this weather. Street tires are known to bite into snow and ice.
  • Lighting is the next thing you need to confirm before you get on the road. During wet weather, it gets dark even during daytime. So it is good to make sure that your bike lights are in order. Do not assume that your lights are working, please take a few minutes and test them.
  • Use anti-fogging spray to spray your mirrors. This will help keep the fog away. The helmet visor might also need some anti-fogging spray.
  • Do not ride on a slippery floor. Even during rains, there are particular roads that do not get slippery. Look out for such roads. You can also ride on roads that are a bit dry.
  • Do not over speed. When riding on wet roads, reduce your speed particularly when approaching curves. Over speeding can cause the brakes to fail to make it a hustle to properly handle your bike. Slippery and wet roads can be dangerous so keep the speed low.Use your greased brakes gradually. They will help your bike handle the slippery pavements better. Remember that the front brake more effective than the rear one. However, do not constantly hold the brakes since this will lock up the front wheel.
  • Brake, accelerate, turn, and change gears as little as possible. When you come across a patch of ice, do not make any changes, until you’ve crossed it.
  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times. Watch out for other motorists and pedestrians to avoid accidents.

Now you can take a safe ride during winter without any doubts. Enjoy your riding with street motorcycle parts and accessories.

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