How To Save the Marriage When Husband Wants To Be Out of It

Rekindle the old romantic you two with your husband to save your marriage

If your husband wants out of the marriage you may feel that your only recourse is a divorce. Many women are stunned to learn that their spouse isn’t happy and he would rather end the marriage than try to work things out. If he’s reached this point and you still desperately want to keep your family together, there are things you can do. You may believe that unless he is willing to try too that the relationship is doomed. That’s not necessarily the case.

As difficult as it may seem when your husband wants out of the marriage you need to take a look at how you’ve been behaving. Men rarely suddenly decide that they are no longer happy. Instead, it’s a gradual progression. If you’ve noticed a change in your husband and you chose to ignore it instead of addressing it, part of the blame for your marriage trouble lies squarely on your own shoulders. You obviously can’t go back in time to change things but you can alter the future. Apologize to him for not being as focused on him as you should have been. Make it clear to him that you are available whenever he wants to talk. Don’t push him to open up though. Typically this makes men withdraw more.

One common reason why a husband wants out of the marriage is related to the family dynamic. Once children arrive many couples cease being romantic partners and instead transform into co-parents. When this happens the husband often feels neglected. If you two have stopped acting like a couple in love and now mainly discuss household matters and how to raise the children, you need to shift that dynamic. You need to make time for one another away from the rest of the family. It can be something as elaborate as a second honeymoon or even a lunch with one another every now and again. Unless you put some effort into rekindling the closeness between you and your spouse, it won’t happen. Put your husband first if you are serious about saving the relationship and keeping your family intact.

Source by Gillian Reynolds