How To Save Your Relationship When Cheating Is Involved

It will be hard to win back the trust that your partner once had on you

A relationship involving a cheater is destined for big problems, as you probably know by now. If you are the one asking how can I save our relationship then you need to know that it will take hard work and commitment to put the relationship back together.

Fortunately, all relationships can be saved if there is enough dedication on the part of both parties involved. The fact that one of you cheated just complicates matters.

Is the one who has been cheated on really interested in saving the relationship? The cheater has caused a lot of pain and grief to his partner. While that can be forgiven, you are probably going to have to really work hard to rebuild the trust.

When you ask how can I save our relationship you want to note the pronouns used in the question. Notice the “I” in the saving part and notice the “our” in the relationship part.

If you cheated on your partner then you betrayed his or her trust and that will be hard to regain. You acted selfishly and destroyed something you had together. So let’s look at the steps to try to put things back in order.

You will have to begin by opening up the communication between you. It may take a while before the other person even wants to talk about it, but it is necessary to save the relationship.

While the person who cheated must shoulder the brunt of the blame, we need to look at the reason you became a cheater. Were you feeling empty and unfulfilled in the relationship? Ignored?

These possibilities must be looked at from both sides of the relationship. While the other person did not cheat, he or she may have contributed to the environment or mindset that led to the cheating.

Do not look at this as an excuse for cheating, though. You still need to own up to your mistakes and be willing to work to fix any deficient behavior in the relationship.

You need to be more open about your activities and will need to have less of your time unaccounted for in the future; times when your partner might wonder who else you might be with.

Do not be secretive about who you spend time with, call on the phone, text, email or online chat with. In order to rebuild the trust in the relationship that you have broken you need to be very open from now on.

Explain to your partner that you are doing this and that you want to be more open and transparent in your relationship. Tell him or her that they are the highest priority in your life and you are willing to work to prove it.

Then follow up with what you say. Otherwise, you just lost more credibility when you could least afford it.

Now is the time to really open up with your conversation and let the other person know your feelings toward them and also what is going on in your life.

I said at the beginning when you asked how can I save our relationship that with cheaters it is not going to be easy. Be prepared to make some changes in your life and avoid all contact with the person you cheated with.

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Source by Will Scott