How To Spend More Time With Your Spouse

It's better to spend time together than to drift away

One thing that happens many times in a marriage is that you tend to drift as you do not have time for each other anymore. There are things that you can be doing that will help with this so that you can have more time with your spouse so that you can stay close.

Do things that you need to be doing together. There are things in life like getting exercise that needs to be done for health reasons. Find a way of spending time doing these things together. Anything you can think of, try to do these things as a couple if you have not had much time at all.


Limit things that do not matter as much in life so that you have more time for more important things like your relationship. Things like television are a lower priority and should be limited if it’s interfering with time you could have with your husband or wife.

Learn to communicate even while the children are around. You do not have to quit communicating like a couple just because the kids are around you.


Get babysitting to help you open up some evenings so that you can do things together. You do not need to have a fancy night to justify someone coming and watching your children for a few hours. You can also watch another couple’s kids and trade off from time to time to open up your prayers if short on cash.

Even while you are busy try to make the time. It does not have to be much but put forth some sort of effort.


While you might not like the sound of it, sometimes you are going to have to say no to friends or events to protect the time that you could have with your spouse. Cut out the obligations that are not as important as having time with your spouse to make sure that this time happens for the two of you.

Source by Herb Leibacher