How To Spot A Fake Football Fan

Football is a beautiful game, full of beautiful moments, passionate supporters, and the sheer ability to unite people regardless of their age, caste or sex.

However, the beautiful game is in danger, courtesy of a whole new bunch of pseudo fake fans who are hell bent on destroying the beautiful game. In these uncertain times, friends, here are 5 signs to identify a fake football fan, and if spotted, keep them as far away from football as Lalit Modi is from the IPL.

5) Change The Club They Support More Often Than Some People Change Their Clothes.

“Hey guys I hope Manchester United Win the League this year”.
“Honestly I always thought Barcelona play the best football in the world”.
“Omg, Bayern Munich is the club that actually made me start watching football “.
And so on they go, except Liverpool, let’s face it, nobody really gives two hoots about them.
Liverpool fans always walk alone.

4) They Think Cristiano Ronaldo Still Plays For Manchester United.

And he, along with Ryan Giggs and Carlos Tevez will make Manchester United win the league again. Seriously guys, it’s more likely for Giggs , Tevez and Ronaldo to play together again for the Red Devils than Manchester United to win the league again any time in the foreseeable future. Not with Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia playing for their team anyway.

3) They Are Often Found Using Their Phone While Watching The Match.

Along with taking selfies before, after and sometimes even during the game, and then continuing to use their phone while the rest of us true fans are screaming ourselves hoarse watching our team take on the opposition. Although to their credit, they show amazing alertness when someone scores a goal and celebrate like crazy like the rest of us, even if they have no clue as to what the hell is happening .

2) They Are Usually Found Confused When The Players Are Offside.

Just clearing things out once and for all.

1) They Are Sometimes, So Overwhelmed By Their Confusion, They Take To The Internet To Express Their Confusion, Usually With Hilarious Results.

Piers Morgan , a football fan , as fake as the Louis Vuitton bag you get near the station.

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