How To Stop Breakups In Your Relationship

Relationships that have unresolved conflicts and problems can result in breakups

Relationships that have unresolved conflicts and problems can result in breakups. If you have a relationship that is strong and both partners mutually agree that there are problems that need to be sorted out, then you can save your relationship to stop breakups. It is then also possible to rebuild and renew your bonds into even more powerful ones as well. Finding the right advice and counseling has already helped many couples rebuild their relationships and this is worthwhile especially in relationships that may have taken many years to build.

Because of the stresses of modern living and the fact that both partners may be pursuing their different careers many relationships die which could have been saved if you knew how to save your relationship to stop it breaking up. Your first meeting or date is the beginning of your relationship, and breaking up is the end of it, if you allow that to happen. When a relationship is still new, then partners are likely to get on very well, but after some time together certain characteristics of your partner and their habits may result in conflicts and arguments. When this happens, looking for methods to save your relationship to stop breakups is vital.


Togetherness and relationships between people play an important role in your life and it is part of your feeling of well being knowing that there is someone to share your life with in every aspect. Loving and being loved makes people happy, and everyone knows that loneliness is unpleasant and miserable. No doubt you are passionate about your partner and if you see trouble on the horizon which can mean the end of your relationship then you need to take steps to save your relationship to stop breakups. There are a variety of methods of resolving anger, bitterness, disagreements, and conflicts by seeking help from different quarters. This may be through counseling, advice from family and friends, your church minister or even through written materials.

Living alone is unpleasant for anyone and this loneliness can even end up in ill health or drastic measures taken by the sufferer to seek companionship. It has been said that there is a soul mate for everyone on this planet so you need never feel alone. When you find someone to have a relationship with, then it is certainly worth nurturing and taking care of. Your relationship fulfills your physical, emotional and companionship needs, and when there is trouble within it, then finding the route to save your relationship to stop breakups begins with you, or ideally both partners if this is possible. Open communication to find solutions is possible

When your relationship is on the point of breaking up, then extra effort is required if you really desire to keep it alive. This may even mean making some personal changes and uncomfortable adjustments. Some of the reasons that result in relationship breakups are the betrayed trust, boredom, adultery, poor communication, addictive behavior, and emotional abuse, the absence of sex and affection and lack of appreciation. All of them have solutions and if you want to save your relationship from a break up you have to go out and look for them.

Source by Joan Masterson