How to Throw a Party in 45 Minutes

Here is your guide to throw a last-minute house party this New Year's

Credit: Pexels

A year that was collectively bad for almost everyone is finally getting over. This year makes me wonder why the world didn’t end in 2012 as the Mayans predicted. Somehow, we survived this year too and that calls for a celebration. And what better way to have a celebration than a house party for family and friends.

Hosting a house party can be a big task and must be done correctly as you don’t want to start the New Year with people bad-mouthing your skills of a party host. Also, your future invitations and connections with these people depend on how you welcoming and organised you are.

To host any party, there are some details that you must keep in mind. And, if you just have 45 minutes to throw a house party, there is even more to cater to, first being keeping your calm and not giving away to panic. Bayside Journal brings to you the essential party hosting kit right here.

1. Cleanliness


Now, you won’t have enough time to clean your entire house, but,a messy house is a problem when it comes to hosting a party. But when you are short on time, clean what is easily visible. So just clean the spots that will definitely be visible to your guests and you are set for the night.

2. Decorations 


There is no time for elaborate decorations. So choose the easiest option here – lights. Yes, lights are the easiest and fastest forms of decorations. Put up lights around the party venue, even fairy lights would do wonders. Even your Diwali lights could work.

3. Guest List 


While throwing a planned party, you must be selective while making a guest list. But for an impromptu celebration, don’t hold back. It’s a last-minute New Year’s party; it is unlikely that everyone will be available. Get everyone you can for your party to start rocking. Invite your neighbours, your neighbours’ cousins and even their cousins. You get the point.

4. Food and Drinks


Khaana peena is the most important thing to keep in mind while planning a party. It is after all the only reason anyone leaves their house. You need to make sure that you get your food and drinks game on point. Ordering pizza is probably the best idea, because it’ll be delivered in 30 minutes and who doesn’t like pizza. Go for one pot meals such biryani or noodles. Ensure that you have something for the vegetarians and the non-vegetariasns. You don’t want your guest to go hungry and if drinks are involved stocking up on chakna is paramount.  Opt for finger food such as carrot fingers or French fries or even chips for appatizers.These are easy to serve and easy to eat. Ensure that you serve different types of chips.

It always works better if you ask your guests to bring their own booze. But for people who don’t have their own booze, arrange for a little bit of a kinds of liquor. Steer clear of the expensive kind. Stock up on mixers (soft drinks and juices) and lots and lots of ice. Keep a wine shop’s number handy in case you run out of booze. Don’t go for elaborate cocktails, keeping it simple is the key.

Arrange the food and beverage station at your dinning table or kitchen counter. Opt for disposable plates, glasses and cutlery for your party. Also keep a few tissue papers handy.

5. Playlist


No music, no Party! Even light jazz music is fine if your crowd likes to groove to that, but there should be some music should be playing in the background at all times. If you don’t have a playlist on your phone, make sure to play music online, if you have enough data or a dependable WiFi connection at home.

6. Other Entertainment


Not many like dancing. For such guests, you’ll need to find different ways to make them love you. There are tonnes of board games that you can keep at home for a situation like this one, and if you don’t have them, ask your guests to bring one with them. You can always set up a cards table. And if you have a karaoke or have  friends who do, be extra nice to them and request (or threaten) them to bring it to the party!