How To Treat Smoker’s Cough

Now treat a smokers cough with these simple yet effective tips

Smokers Cough Treatment

When you get a severe cough daily during early morning that can be smokers a cough which is because of smoking over a few years. The body has lost its defense against airborne infections as a result of the massive destruction of the cilia fibers in your nose and trachea which had been removing the impurities and toxins that had entered your body during breathing as well as smoking. Now you are more prone to bronchial infections and your respiratory system is in a poor condition. Through coughing only you can pull up the phlegm and swallow.


Protect your Lungs

The impurities and toxins have been accumulated on your lungs and by cleansing your lungs naturally and protecting them you can get relief from smokers a cough. There are various methods for smokers cough treatment. Natural methods of treatment are very effective and are widely accepted.

By way of detoxifying your lungs, the impurities can be removed and you will get relief from a cough. You can detoxify your lungs by the following methods.


Do deep breathing daily while sitting at an unpolluted place.

Inhale detox herbs such as Mullein, Black Cumin, Lobelia etc.

Take radishes, onions, olives, almonds, winter squash, grapes, watercress etc which are known as detox foods.

Cruciferous, green vegetables like Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale etc help lungs detoxification.

There are various Home Remedies for smokers cough treatment. Home Remedies give quick relief from smokers a cough. Here are two examples –


Gargle with warm water containing salt. It will remove the phlegm and soothe a cough. You may do it a number of times daily.

Boil eucalyptus and mint leaves in a pot of water and inhales the vapor for some time.  A cough will subside.

Smokers cough treatment in a natural way ensures quick relief. A cough can be cured by way of protecting the respiratory system. Nature is the best protector of your organs and when you protect your lungs in a natural way, the positive result is ensured and thus you will get complete relief from the smokers a cough.

Source by James