How to Use Photo Story 3 to Create Marketing Videos

Microsoft Photo Story 3 is a free program that Windows users can download to make movies. It allows you to put together digital images with text and sound into a movie format. It is a great marketing tool for people who do not wish to put their own faces on their video advertisements or people that do not have cameras.

The first step to making a Photo Story Movie is to get some compelling photos related to the product your marketing. This could be photos of the product in action, the effects of the product, and possibly the end result. The possibilities are endless. Also, it is wise to make a few background images for text. Photostory does not offer many text effects, so it is often hard to make the text visible on a colorful image. For ease, you can use MS Paint and just fill the canvas with a solid color and save it.

The next step is to figure out a plot for your Photo Story. You’ll want something that’s interesting, and if you are at all funny, add some humor to make your video more likable and easy to remember. There are a million ways to set up your plot. You can set it up commercial style, informational style, story style, or just list plain facts. You can also make it into a tutorial and even use PowerPoint slides. It all depends on the product you are trying to market. However, make sure that the last screen on your photo story shows your easy-to-remember website. This is the last screen they will see and remember the best.

When you open Photo Story, choose “new project” on the first screen. The second screen allows you to import your images and arrange them in the order you want. The next screen allows you to add text to your photos. Just type your text in the box and edit the basic text options to suit your needs. You can also add basic effects, such as washing out the photo, changing it to black and white, or turning it into colored pencil.

The next screen allows you to add voiceover and special effects for the transition between photos. To record your voice or a sound, simply press the record button and then stop when you are finished. If you do not have a microphone or do not want to do a voiceover, you can add music later. To add a special effect, choose the “customize motion” button and pick which effect you want.

Next you can add music to your photo movie. Either upload a file you already have, or create one within the program. Make sure you have the rights to whisper music you use. Many sites will not publish your video unless you have rights to everything in it.

Last is publishing your story! Photo Story 3 will automatically compile your movie into a .wmv file, which you can upload to movie sites such as YouTube and Metacafe. This will help get instant, quality, targeted traffic to your website.

Source by Teresa Hudson