How to Win Back Your Ex For Good!

Know how to get him back faster than a hungry dog!

Does not it hurt when you see the one you cared about most, just walk away? He just walked out of your life like you never entered in the first place. And now you’re sitting there in a ball of pain curled on your bed crying … and he’s still walking past that door in your head, replaying every last step. 

Sure you guys had your problems, but now you realized that he cared for you really deeply. That time he’d take you out to dinner to try and cheer you up after a long day at the office. Or that time you got really ill, and he came by and made chicken soup for you, even though he had a long day in the office with a meeting that had gone sour. How’d this all go so wrong so fast?

It all started out with those little problems; Nothing major, just nagging ones. Being a woman, you thought that you could change him, and make him better. At first, he appeared like he was accepting it because it was working! But what did you expect? You just met him! Everyone always shows their good side at first – absolutely their flaws will surface. Did you really think that he was going to be perfect? What’s the fun in that? Maybe you did, but cut him some slack! But that’s another discussion for another time.

Right now, you want to get back to business; You want to know how to win back your ex, do not you? Of course, you do! But first, you need to know one very important step. That this is not going to be a slow process, especially the first step. The first step is probably the most important because you will have to do things that will actually get your mind off of him. Why do that? You’ll see …

Like I said when people ask me “so how’d you win back your ex?” I said “Simple! Ignore them.” This works because it starts to get the ball of attraction rolling in the other person. This is easy enough in the beginning, but you need to actually carry this momentum, and this is where it gets tricky. You need to start doing things that will take up your time so that you stop thinking about him! By doing so, you’ll actually force him to make him miss you subconsciously. He’ll start to wonder where you’re at and how you’re doing. He may even consider calling you … and give it enough time he will definitely call you.

So how else do you win back your ex? Well, after you start to redefine your life without him, when you do finally contact him, your options are pretty straight forward: You need to show him that you’re no longer that person trying to change him. That you are a new person, that does not need him if he does not want to come back, but that you will welcome him back if he so chooses. Also, ask to catch up over something new. Instead of a dinner, make it a tea. Instead of going to the book store, go hit up some golfing. Show him that you were not the person you used to be. All these little things all add up to “hey, she’s a new girl now … interesting”

By separating the past and the present into two distinct groups, you are able to turn the page and start a new chapter. A blank page to try again! So lets recap: “How do you win back your ex?” Easy. Become stronger on the inside and become a new person that does not need him. It’ll bring him back faster than a hungry dog!

Source by John Volt