How Your Surroundings Affect Your Life

Take a look at your life: are all its areas working as they should be?


To live a balanced lifestyle, you need to understand that your life is not only a reflection of your environment but also a response to it. Just like a mirror, what you do in the outside will affect what happens to you in the inside. And, just like the Law of Cause and Effect that you learned in physics, what you do will come back to you with the advantage that the repercussions of your acts will come back to you multiplied. Think of a boomerang. You throw it far away, it gathers energy and comes right back to you.

There are many examples of this fact, the more visible one being that if you eat healthily, it shows in your skin, your hair, and your nails. They shine and exude life. On the contrary, if you drink too much soda and eat junk your skin breaks out, your nails break, your hair falls.

Whatever you eat will have its consequences not only on your skin but to your insides as well: your digestive system suffers, your liver poisons your blood, your arteries clog up, your whole system complains; chances are you may get sick, really sick.

Just like you do to Mother Earth, you must do to yourself. As a conscious person, you eat well, mostly organic; you recycle; your reuse your stuff; you donate that which you don’t need any more; you originate less garbage; you compost your discarded food; you respect the animals; you consume less; you lead a simpler and slower life; you use environmentally friendly cleaning products; you have a fuel-efficient automobile, and so on. In other words, you do your part as best as you can.

So what can you do for your immediate environment? Take a look at your life: are all its areas working as they should be? Like an engine, if one is not functioning properly, all others will suffer. So pay attention to your surroundings.

Regarding your living arrangements and your affairs, is your office clean of clutter or do you have paper all over the place: tables, chairs, desks, floors? Can you walk to your desk or do you have to jump clusters of papers? Is your correspondence in order and your bills paid? Is your sink filled with dirty dishes? Is your fridge clean? Do you clean after your pets or does your house smell of your pets’ urine? What covers your walls, pleasant pictures or nasty posters? Are your plants dying for lack of water?


Are your walls clean or do they need painting? Do you have any junk in your yard? How is your car? Cleaned outside and inside or do you have papers, old food, and empty water bottles all over the place? Is your house well ventilated and brightened by sunlight? Do you sleep with clean sheets? Do you spend your hours watching garbage on TV or doing something that is really good for your mind?

Regarding your appearance and your body, are your clothes clean and mended or are they missing buttons and have holes in them? How about your underwear? Do you fit your clothes? Do they reflect who you are? Are your shoes shining or do you have mud all over them? Are you fit to be seen in public, meaning, dressed appropriately? Do you wear caps when you go to the theatre? Do you wear sweats when you go to church? Do you chew gum outside of your home or car? Are your teeth cleaned and properly cared for? Do your gums bleed? Do you floss? Do you shower and groom yourself so you are a pleasant sight? Do you eat well?

And the list goes on and on. Once you realize how important it is to live well and do so accordingly, you will notice that many other areas of your life will come into place: you may find a better job, get a better salary, have fabulous friends and a perfect loving relationship, shed the pounds that were clinging to your body, and so on and so forth.

A balanced lifestyle greatly depends on your surroundings because they will bring about the delicate balance of your inner environment and consequently, your life.

Source by Maria Moratto