Husbands Learn How To Appreciate Your Wife

Shower her with all the love that she deserves


Sixty five percent of all reported divorce cases is due to lack of appreciation from their partners. When a husband fails to see and acknowledge what his wife has done well, for sure, it will be brought open when they have little quarrels. In fact, it could even be the cause of their divorce.

Naturally, women need appreciation from their husband. It is in their nature to be acknowledged and they can take pride in it. Husbands who acknowledged their wives in front of the crowd are the kinds of husbands that women are looking for. It is because, mostly, wives stay at home; watch the kids and keep their haven clean while their husbands are out looking for means to make a living. Only a few husbands can see how tiring house chores are.

At times when a wife cannot feel being appreciated, she may deliberately find ways to provoke attention. Some would reach out to their friends and neighbors where they can talk, applauded and praised. Furthermore, others go to church more often to pray and seek comfort from God. These, somehow, are the so-called positive effects of lack of appreciation from husbands. In contrary, other wives find comfort from other men just to be appreciated. And this is the start of yet another broken family.

What a husband should know is that his wife needs to hear how beautiful and attractive she is over and over again. Simple compliments about her figure, dress or hair can make her smile all day while doing the usual house works. This is true especially for a woman aged forty and above. She cannot just cease to think that her husband may be attracted to younger and more robust woman. But she just needs reassurance from her husband to clear away those thoughts that can make her sleepless all night long.

One of the most important roles that husbands should not forget is to appreciate their wives and give them the love they deserve.

Source by Nancy Van Pelt