I am not a foodie now because of John Abraham: Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha talks about her upcoming movie Force 2, fitness freak John Abraham and about her next project

Image: Facebook/Sonakshi Sinha


1. Sonakshi Sinha will be seen performing risky stunts.

2. Sonakshi is not a foodie anymore because of John Abraham.

3. John Abraham gives Sonakshi a nickname ‘Snickers’.

On November 9, while Donald Trump and 500/1000 rupee notes were making headlines and grabbing everyone’s eyeball, we caught up with Sonakshi Sinha, the leading lady of Force 2 at Mumbai’s famous Mehboob Studio.

The trailer of Force 2 has been appreciated and Sonakshi’s fans are looking forward to the release of the movie. Looks like Sona is the new action girl in B-Town. After her last film Akira where she performed action sequences, she is back with an even more action-packed role. The actress who underwent special martial arts training during her last film will be seen performing some dangerous stunts and action sequences in her upcoming thriller flick.

Sonakshi says that all the practice she did for Akira made her feel prepared for Force 2. “It just got better; all these things came handy. I got to do different forms and kinds of action. Like running behind people, chasing cars, gun combats, different kind of actions, which I really enjoyed. Each scene that I did gave me a different rush and thrill. I actually learnt something new with every scene we shot for the movie,” said Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonakshi, who has been a sportsperson since she was a child, feels that these action moves comes to her naturally. Talking about her diet and eating habits, Sona shared that she has learnt a lot from the leading man John Abraham because he is a health freak, who makes it a point that everyone understands the importance of healthy eating as well.

“John is very much into fitness and being around him, teaches you a lot; he will give you information about everything. When you see someone like him talking about whole health aspect you automatically get influenced by him. He has studied everything about what one should eat and what one should not. How many calories, carbohydrates, and fats are there in the food you are eating – he will tell you each and every thing. Once, I used to be a complete foodie which now I am not thanks to him. I now know what I should eat and what I shouldn’t,” shares Sonakshi.


When John Abraham met Sonakshi Sinha the first time for Force 2, he gave her a very interesting nickname, ‘Snickers ’. The story behind this nickname is a quite funny story. “I didn’t know John Abraham personally. So, I didn’t know how particular he was about fitness and health. I walked into the room and I was sitting very casually and by mistake, I picked up a Snickers bar and ate it in front of him. After that day, I still get to hear about it till date,” reveals Sonakshi.

After experimenting with different roles and movies, Sonakshi is now choosing scripts and signing movies that challenge her as an actor.

Her last film Akira was an average box office success but the actress feels that it taught her a lot. She definitely feels content about doing it. “Akira didn’t go wrong anywhere. I got to work with a great director, got to do a lot of action, my acting improved, my performance was appreciated and producers got to see that this girl can carry movie solely on her shoulders. So, for me I achieved a whole lot more than I expected from that film,” said Sonakshi.

After Force 2, the actress will soon be seen playing the role of a journalist in her next film Noor. It is the story of a girl and her life journey. Force 2 directed by Abhinay Deo will hit the screens on November 18.