“I am nothing like Raees. Otherwise I would have been in jail by now!”: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan talks about his character in Raees, the clash of release dates with Kaabil, and Sunny Leone


Baniye ka dimag aur miyanbhai ki daring.”

Dialogues like this will definitely make you whistle after watching the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, Raees. King Khan is finally back with a bang after giving two back-to-back flops that both bombed at the box office and disappointed fans as well.

The movie Raees has already created a lot of buzz and fans are eagerly awaiting its release. In the trailer, SRK’s character looks promising and is has some fantastic dialogues that you will make you want to watch the trailer on loop, because you just won’t be able to get enough of him! Pitted against him is none other than Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays a cop in the movie. He leaves his imprint on the trailer with the dialogue, “Jisko tu dhanda bolta hai na woh crime hai, dhanda band karle warna saas lena bhi mushkil kar dunga.

Seeing SRK and Siddiqui together is like sone pe suhaga. But no matter how excited we may be, we still have to wait for more than a month for the release! Until then, Bayside Journal tells you what Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and the makers have to say about Raees.

“I am nothing like Raees: SRK

SRK is one of those actors who loves to experiment with his characters. He often tries to pick up roles that are different from his previous ones. “As an actor, I think we should do roles which we haven’t done before. I like to do a character that I find interesting and Raees is really interesting and complicated in a different way,” says Shah Rukh Khan.

“Whenever you play a character, it is somehow always connected to you in one way or other. Having said that, I would also like to say – Mein Raees jaisa bilkul nahi hoon warna main abhi jail mein hota. Main teetotaler hoon, maine kabhi koi illegal padarth istamaal nahi kiye hai. Aur mera kuch lena dena nahi hai jaisa uska rozgar hai,” laughs SRK. (I am nothing like Raees. Otherwise I would have been in jail by now! I am a teetotaler, I have never used anything illegal  nor is my source of income anything like Raees.)


Is Raees Based on the Story of Abdul Latif, the Don?

Many believe that Raees’ story is inspired by a famous don from Gujarat called Abdul Latif, who was closely connected to Dawood Ibrahim. However, director Rahul Dholakia cleared the air, saying that the movie has nothing to do with Latif’s life and is purely a work of fiction. In fact, the movie takes place in the time when Narendra Modi was not yet the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Raees vs Kaabil 

Raees is finally releasing on January 25, 2017. However, it’s no secret that the movie was supposed to hit the theatres in 2016 around the same date. This year, the movie will be clashing with the Hrithik Roshan starrer, Kaabil. “We decided to release the movie on January 25, when we came to know that both the movies were clashing. So now, Kaabil will be screened during the evening slots while we will be screening regular shows. It is a logical decision, since January 26 is a holiday so we thought, let’s take advantage of that!” explains SRK.

Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan to Come to India? 

After the Uri attacks, many political parties demanded the boycott of all Pakistani artists. Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, which had Fawad Khan in a cameo role, was caught in the middle of the controversy. Raees is the Bollywood debut of popular Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, and everyone is curious to know whether she will be promoting the movie.

“Of course, if it is necessary to call Mahira for the promotions; we will call her here. I don’t think the government will have any problems. It’s not like they have stopped issuing visas to them (Pakistani artistes),” says Ritesh Sidhwani, producer of Raees.

Raess Affected by Demonetisation?

It is quite obvious that the current crunch in currency has affected the box office. Farhan Akhtar’s Rock On 2 was released during the week this decision was announced, and it goes without saying that the movie’s business was hit hard. However, things are getting back on track and the makers of Raees hope that it wouldn’t really affect their business.

“I think things will eventually get better. Everything takes its time when applied to a new system. For a while, entertainment did take a backseat. But things are now easing off. Distributors and exhibitors told me that Dear Zindagi didn’t suffer because of the cash crunch. And I believe things will, of course, get better now with time,” shares SRK.


Know When SRK Feels Like a Raees

“Whenever some good work is done or when I do something good for someone else, I feel really good about it. When I do something for my family members and my little one (AbRam) says, “I really like you papa,” I feel like a raees. I really feel happy. Sometimes, when I help my friend, when you do things unconditionally – that feeling is like raeesi for me,” shares King Khan.

Sunny Leone and SRK Together 

Yes, you will finally be seeing Sunny Leone working with a Khan. Sunny is in the movie for an item song that is significant to the movie’s plot.. When asked about his experience of working with Sunny, he said, “She fit very well into our script. She is professional and very charming. We shot for four days, and the sequence is more complicated than it seems in the trailer. So it was really, really nice, working with her.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Tells Us about His Character

Nawaz, currently one of the best actors that B-town has, believes that he was able to portray his character so well only because of Shah Rukh Khan. “This character clicks because of Shah Rukh Khan. Since the very first day, he said that he would give my character full respect. And in every scene that we did together, I could feel that respect,” expressed Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Did SRK Cut out Scenes from the Movie? 

Many leading dailies had reported that Shah Rukh Khan had chopped scenes from the movie and had altered it as per his wishes. However, the actor claims that in his entire career he has never asked a director or a writer to ever change a line or a scene or cut it. “If asked about a scene, I will discuss it with my co-actors, director, producers. But I have never ever in my career gone into an editing room with the intention of changing something. If a director says sit, I will sit; if he says stand, I will stand. I think that’s how you become a great actor,” clears SRK.

Check out the trailer of Raees here: