Know Why Your Computer Is Still Slow

How to boost up your computer


OK, so you just upgraded your ram, but your computer is still slow. This is just one of those frustrating parts of having a computer. You are not always sure of what is causing your computer to be slow. There are normally 2 scenarios, either a hardware issue or it is a software issue. You have already addressed the hardware issue by installing the ram, but there is one other item you need to fix: your registry.

For starters, let’s look at the ram issue. When you add more ram, what you are essentially doing is allowing the computer to process more programs and more information at one time. This in itself will speed up the computer. But, only as long as the programs are working correctly. If a program is not working right, then you will still have the same issue as before: A slow computer.

So, now that you have added the necessary capacity with the ram, you need to look at fixing the programs. This can be accomplished via registry repair software.

You see, the registry files are a set of files that tell all of the programs how to run. If any of these get messed up, then the programs get messed up. But how do these get messed up?

Good question. When you install and uninstall software, you can overwrite or uninstall the set of instructions for a program on your computer. Also, with the internet usage, there are a constant stream of files, images, and videos messing with different parts of your computer, and thus not allowing the computer to function correctly. The good thing about all of this is registry repair software can fix it.

The registry repair software will run a scan of your entire computer and tell you how many problems you have. When I first ran this, I had over 1000 computer errors. Then, you just tell the software to fix it and it does. Then the programs are working faster, and with the already installed ram, your computer will be at top speed. So, while you did take care of the first part, which is the upgrading of the amount of ram your computer has, now you just need to take off your registry and you will be good to go.

Source by Guen Miller