Styling Your Winters The Delhi Way

Girls in the Indian capital positively bloom during the cold season

Fashion may seem high end, but style is taking the not-so-sturdy road. From what I have seen, the women in Delhi dress to kill. Most of them love brighter hues ie. fluorescent and other solid bright colours. Many-a-times we know what we like to wear and what looks good on us, that’s mainly why those clothes are stacked right at the beginning of the wardrobe shelf, however here a lot of women lose their inhibitions and go that extra mile to look like they are on top of the world.

As the seasonal temperatures are so extreme here Delhi wardrobes are very different depending on the season. Girls can really dress to kill in the winters: Those fur coats, suede jackets, knee length boots, cowl necks… They make all of them look so good! Gosh I’d feel like I was in a furnace if I was in Mumbai.

Typically like the women in Mumbai, what sets the Delhites apart is their consistent need to sport brands. Delhi, though, takes it to a different level. I have never seen as many brand conscious people anywhere as in the Capital. Most of the times you seem them in Heremes, Dior, Prada, Go Yard and most of what’s doing the fashion rounds at that time. One thing you can’t accuse Delhi of is being out of touch with the latest trends in fashion.

And it’s not just High Street that keeps up-to-date with fashion, The street markets are on top of the business. They are great places to hunt for bargains and getting to look good at throwaway prices. Sarojini and Janpat rarely disappoint and that’s where you get all your great steals and bargains, right from those fancy lace tops that will cost you approximately Rs. 80/- to other great things at cheaper deals, when these places have so much to offer, there’s no need for you to go looking elsewhere.

They love to kill-that-look and talk-that-talk all dolled up in the best looking clothes and yes most of them love to have a kitten heel at least. Style never takes a back seat here, you see one better than the other even if it means, you’re going to the market or just taking a walk downtown. Chunky jewellery that contrasts the attire is what sets them apart. Their faces are always filled up, and bright colours pressed into the lips add that glamour factor to the ensemble. Their hair may not always be done up, but they down let it down in a really cool way. That’s why when Ranbir Kapoor sang, “Aaya Dilli wali girlfriend chhod chhad ke,” in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, my only thought was, “What an idiot!”

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