If You Have Faith of a Mustard Seed: Removing the Mountains in Your Life

Jesus said that if you the faith of a mustard seed that you can tell this mountain to be cast into the sea and it must obey you. Many believers are living with mountains in their life that God wants to tear down. Often we see mountains as external forces that keep us from meeting our goals; however, many of the mountains we face our internal. These are mountains of fear, self-doubt, un-forgiveness, unbelief, and more. A mountain can be anything that keeps you from accessing all that God has for you.

When you think about mountains you may look at them as obstacles that stand in the away of your needs or desires. You may believe that if only you had more money, a better job or a spouse (or a new one) that all your worries would be over. But the most challenging mountains aren’t those that we see through our physical eyes. The most challenging and debilitating mountains and hills are the ones that we don’t see at all. They are the mountains ranges that we play over and over in our mind. That stretch of terrain that tells us like a broken record, what’s wrong with us, what’s wrong with them, and what’s wrong with our life. It’s that tirade of thinking that keeps us in victim instead of victor mode.

If you find yourself unsatisfied or complaining about various aspects of your life, it’s time to take inventory of what you’re thinking on a continual basis. Often times, these thoughts comes so fast and are so intertwined with each other that they appear to be a great big blur. And because we’ve been thinking the same thoughts for so long, we just think they are a part of who we are. These thoughts are also emotionally charged. Therefore, if the majority of your thoughts are self-debating or hopeless, they may cause you to be depressed. If the majority of your thoughts focus on all that is wrong with your mate or another person, it’s going to cause you to be critical, judgmental, and possibly angry towards that person instead of compassionate and loving.

In order to remove the most devastating mountains from your life, you must overcome them by first, paying close attention to your thinking and then secondly, casting down every thought and imagination that exalts itself against the kingdom of God. That means eliminating every thought that promotes fear, separation, anger, and strife. The Bible tells us to cast down every thought and imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. If you really want to remove the mountains in your life, it begins with seeing and changing how you think.

One of the most effective ways to take authority over your thoughts and mind is Christian meditation or meditating on the scriptures. By Christ-centered meditation, I mean spending time everyday meditating slowly on the scriptures allowing God’s word to penetrate your heart. You can drown out your negative thinking with the word of God until God’s word is the prevalent voice in your head. By meditating on the word, you allow it to seep deep down in your spirit, where it begins to change both your thoughts and your character into the likeness of Christ. Then when the mountains arise, you can resist, climb, or cast them into the sea where they lose their hold and grip over you and you can walk in victory in Christ.

Source by Rhonda Jones