Importance Of Morning Workouts To Improve Your Fitness

3 reasons morning workouts are worth for

Level of alertness and focus

You may be surprised to know that you can do a much better and thorough workout when you are focused and alert. Morning is one of the best times to exercise because your body has rested from a full night’s sleep and it is in an energized state. Doing exercise in the evening may be difficult because your body is tired from a day’s work and you tend to be less focused on the exercise at hand.

For starters, try to get a brisk walk for ten minutes after you get out of bed, and as the week progresses, do more strenuous exercises like running or biking too. You will find that doing some exercise in the morning is a far better energy booster than your regular cup of caffeine.

Improved sleeping patterns

When you exercise in the evening, your body is fatigued, but after a workout, your endorphins are pumping and you suddenly regain a burst of energy that may last a few hours. Because of this renewed energy, you may find that you will have trouble getting to sleep. However, with a morning routine, when you do your exercise in the morning, you get your initial burst of energy to last you throughout the day.

By the end of the day, your body unwinds into a more relaxed state and you will find that you can go to bed earlier to get a full night’s rest before your exercise routine for the next morning. Try it out and you will find yourself sleeping earlier at night and waking up rested and recuperated for a workout that will re-energize you again.

Increased metabolism

Studies have proven that when you exercise in the morning, your metabolism can reach its peak, and therefore you will burn fat three times more than when you exercise in the afternoon or the evening. Since you will have more energy after getting a restful night’s sleep, your body is in better shape to burn the unwanted fat that you want to go! Great exercises to do in the morning if you are trying to lose weight are cardio exercises. So do some running, biking or aerobics to get your heart pumping and your fat burning. At least 30 minutes to an hour of great cardio exercise will surely get you the results you want in your weight loss plan.

So, wake up in the morning and do your exercise routine to get better results in fat burning, sleeping patterns, and alertness levels. Morning exercises will also give you some quiet time to yourself to do a full workout without unnecessary distractions. Try out morning exercises and find out the difference today.

Source by Ryan Byers