Importance of Parent Teacher Associations in Schools

Often, suggestions made by parents are considered by the school authorities


In the wake of globalization, homes with working parents are a common sight. Parents tend to spend 10-12 hours outside the home and hardly get to spend quality time with their children. This is the situation at home. It gets worse when it comes to school.

Most working parents are oblivious to activities at school. Their involvement with the academics and co-curricular activities of their children is very limited. Academicians believe that parents’ involvement with the child is crucial to the child’s overall development. In order to ensure parents’ involvement in their wards’ academics, many schools have Parent Teacher Associations and Student Councils.

Parent-teacher associations are formed involving students, teachers, and parents. Many activities are conducted through the association with a motive of engaging the parents in a child’s school activities. It is also a chance for the parents to meet the teachers and talk to them about their concerns and make queries regarding the school and their child. Often, suggestions made by parents are considered by the school authorities. On the other hand, parents also get a lot of tips on how to help their children excel at school and otherwise.

Students benefit most out of parent-teacher associations since the association becomes a promise of extended support both at home and at school. In many schools, developmental activities like seminars, lectures, competitions are organized as a part of the association activity.

Parent teacher association can become building blocks of a child’s overall development. It promotes organized monitoring of the child’s activities at school and at home, which may otherwise get neglected. With the percentage of working parents steadily increasing, it is important for all schools to have parent teacher associations.

Source by Jack Meijer