Importance of Scholarship

scholarship to student helps to happy and an educated life


Education is the most important thing, which a student is required to take in his life. Being a well-educated citizenry is the only thing, which helps the person to have a flourishing and a well-structured career. People all around the world, take pride of being educated and referred to as one of the elite members of the society. Today, nothing costs free, not even education. A person has to spend loads of money to make his children educated and to make them capable of earning their livelihood. There are many colleges in India, which provide quality education, but to grab a seat in these institutes is a task in itself. The fees in these institutes are also touching heights. It’s not only the foreign universities, which tend to shed a huge amount of money from the parent’s pocket, but the fees of Indian colleges have also gone high. It’s really becoming a tool for the parents to invest their money in the education of the students.

In the present scenario of high fees in the Indian colleges, there is nothing good than grabbing a scholarship for the student. Scholarships in schools or colleges are no doubt a bliss for the student and his family. The money to be spent in the education of the student can be saved for his future adding value to his overall lifestyle. Though getting a scholarship from the school or college is not an easy thing to do, but the students who get this privilege are not only lucky but also enjoy the status of the most intelligent students of the school or the college campus. The student certainly needs to be the utmost brilliant minds of the school or college to grab a scholarship. Education has also become like a business and if the person is getting free things from an organization, then there must be some great reasons behind it.

There are many governmental institutions in India, which provide a scholarship to students and help them lead a happy and an educated life. Some of the private institutions in India also provide scholarships on the basis of merits, to add more fame and name to their institution. Outstanding merit card is one of the most influential reasons, because of which a student gets scholarships. There are few more, on the basis of which a student can get a scholarship in his school or college in India:

Merit based: This type of scholarship is for the students who are super intelligent and possesses a great learning and understanding power. These types of students are excellent in their academics and are the leaders of the class or the school and the college toppers. Many colleges in India have special scholarship exams, clearing after which one can reserve a seat for himself in a prestigious school or college of India.

Need- based: These scholarships are entirely dependent on the financial conditions of the family. The scholarship is provided to the student, due to the poor financial conditions of his family, to support him in his education of school or college in India. This not only helps the student in making himself well educated but also makes him realize the importance of education and being educated.

Sports or athletic scholarships: These scholarships are provided to students on the basis of their performance in different sports activities. This is a special quota for a limited number of students. This is to encourage students to study and keep themselves informed about the latest happenings of the society, along with their excellence in sports.

All these scholarships, not only helps the students in their growth in the education phases of life but also adds to the growth of the country, by pouring in more talent to the country’s pool.

Source by Shiksha