India Doesn’t Stop at Diwali Celebrations

Every day is a celebration in India and this long weekend was full of Diwaloween fun

A long weekend full of celebrations and madness would probably have one stressed out and tired. But when it comes to us Indians, we are a lively bunch who know how to have non-stop fun like stars. Nothing beats our energy levels. And there is nothing that can dampen our spirits. We believe in celebrating each and every moment and day like there’s no tomorrow. Since Diwali and Halloween was celebrated on consecutive days, Diwaloween seemed to be the trend this festive season. In fact, it didn’t take us very long to switch from Diwali moods to Halloween spirits.

Don’t believe me yet? Here’s a set of pictures and videos from across social media platforms to back my claim:



Megan Bond


Kanchana Ganga

Pranksta India

Tell us about your long weekend!