Information On Air Force ROTC Scholarships

The program usually runs for an average of 2-4 years and is eligible for undergraduate or graduate students who have not less than two years remaining on their schooling term. Many students opt for the Air Force ROTC program due to the advantageous scholarship that comes along with it. For one to qualify for the Air Force ROTC scholarship, it is mandatory that an Air Force Officer Qualifying Test be passed beforehand. These scholarships are available for between 2-4 years under the following categories:

1.       College students who are enrolled as ROTC cadets can enlist for 2 and 3 years scholarship programs.

2.      Seniors graduating from high school qualify for 3 and 4 years scholarships.

3.      Military personnel who are enlisted could get between 2 and 4 year scholarships.

College Students enrolled as ROTC cadets:

In-college students are offered with an In-College Scholarship program which comprises of Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Express Scholarship and Express Scholarship in Foreign Language. Any in-college student can qualify for any one or a combination of any of the phases above or the other two scholarship types.

Seniors Graduating from High School:

Graduating seniors can enjoy three types of scholarships namely Type 1 scholarship, Type 2 scholarship and Type 7 scholarship. In the Type 1 Scholarship which usually accommodates about 5% of Air Force ROTC scholarship winners, most tuition and college fees are covered plus an additional $900 awarded for purchase of books. The Type 2 Scholarship is much like the Type 1. The only difference is that if the college and tuition fees surpass $18,000, the individual is left to cater for the difference by him/herself. Both the Type 1 and Type 2 Scholarships usually cater for technical fields. The Type 7 Scholarship is more like the Type 2 apart from the fact that it is offered especially to certain qualifying state schools.

Enlisted Military Personnel:

Air Force ROTC scholarships for Military Personnel are divided into three: The Airman Scholarship and Commissioning Program, The Professional Officer Course and The Scholarships for Outstanding Airman to ROTC.

Source by Noman Rajput