IPL or Farmers? Mumbai’s Answer: Just Give Them Some Money

The results of this survey shouldn’t have surprised us. After all, we did conduct the survey in Mumbai, the city where money talks.

The 2016 edition of the Indian Premier League is set to start in a few hours. The first match is going to be held in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The state has been reeling under one of the worst droughts in decades. The IPL will consume close to 60 lakh litres of water in Maharashtra that will be used for the matches being played in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur.

We decided to conduct a survey with 202 Mumbaikars on the IPL. Devi Poojari, Ragini Daliya, Suyash Karangutkar, and Unnathi Bandelkar asked them these four questions:

1. Should IPL be allowed to conduct matches in Maharashtra with the ongoing water crisis?

2. Will you be sad/have a feeling of missing out if matches don’t take place in Mumbai/Pune/Nagpur?

3. If IPL pays extra taxes, should they be allowed to do it?

4. If yes, what’s the amount they should pay? Rs. 100 a litre or Rs. 1,000 a litre?

The results we got were rather surprising:

·  80 Mumbaikars want the IPL to be conducted in Maharashtra in spite of the water crisis.

·  69 people will feel that they are missing out in the IPL if the matches don’t take place in the city.

·  But, here’s the kicker: 140 people, that’s almost 70% agree that the matches should be allowed to take place if the IPL agrees to pay Rs. 100 or Rs. 1,000 for every litre of water that is used on grounds.

·  For the record, 35%  of people want the IPL to pay Rs. 100 a litre and 65% of them want them to pay Rs. 1,000 a litre.

Moral of the story: Paisa Fek, Tamasha Dekh!