Is Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Reveal a Publicity Stunt?

The Kardashians are always in the news, and this time it’s Bruce Jenner who’s stirring things up with his big announcement. Bruce Jenner states that he’s always been a woman in his mind. He’s battled gender issues since childhood and pretty much knew deep down that he was born in a woman’s body.

Why has he come out now?

He says that he just can’t lie anymore about it, his kids are settled and doing well, his family is happy and if not now, then when? He’s also admitted that he also has the financial security (from all the numerous reality shows) to go through gender reassignment surgery. He’s also said he’s ready to take the next step and let the world know that an American Olympic male athlete is deep down in fact a woman.

What about his family?

bruce family
His family have stumbled on to him in wearing woman’s clothing several times. The members of the Kardashian family have taken this news rather differently. Kim and son-in-law Kanye West have been the most supporting of his decision while Khloe and Kylie have had a tough time accepting it. Bruce also said that all of his wives have been aware of his gender identity struggles. He’s been on hormones for a five years and transitioning for almost thirty years. He’s had laser surgery to remove his body hair and also shaved off his adam’s apple. In the recent episodes of KUWTK Bruce was showing Kim his new pink pedicure. He also showed his closet with new dresses and new shoes. Khloe also got him shoes in his size.

Could this story be another publicity stunt?

bruce interview


With the Kardashians it’s very hard to tell. If Kim could go through a 10 million wedding for publicity stunt then what about Bruce? It’s highly unlikely as faking your gender is not as easy as faking a wedding. Bruce’s transition has been slow and steady and has lasted thirty years. Hollywood celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres and Lady Gaga have sent their support to Bruce as they believe that this will make a positive impact on the transgender community.Hopefully people can finally come out about their real identity in the open without the fear of being judged by the whole world. Bruce also plans to showcase his transition into a woman in another reality show. This doesn’t surprise us at all. It’s called making hay when the sun shines.

There is still a lot of speculation about Bruce Jenners story, but for now we think he’s just being honest about himself. The Kardashians may seem shallow and thrive in the lime light, but they stand united whenever their family needs them. You do what you have to do Bruce!

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