Is Our Earth Really Billions of Years Old?

Tracing the history of earth

All throughout our lives we are given information from trusted sources and accept it as truth. Most of the time we are actually unable to confirm whether these sources are actually telling us the truth or simply filling a position on a paid role. Will we ever get out a microscope and look at how vitamins affect our bodies? Can we really double check anything that NASA tells us about space?

Hopefully, the people in these positions have integrity. It is possible that they do not really know the answers to a lot of the questions we have but simply came up with an experiment and used the results to create a fantastic false reality. How would we know if they did or did not? Maybe we can look at the clues and decide for ourselves.

Some things can accurately be measured. Things such as speed, color, distance, and area. Science seems to contradict itself in a major way when you put the measurements taken from the universe and look at them next to the supposed history of our earth.

At our greatest distance from the sun, we are 93 million miles away. There are 5,280 feet in a mile. It is a known, proven, observed, absolute truth that the sun shrinks 5 feet every hour. That means it gets 2.5 feet farther away from us every hour. It has been doing this nonstop since it formed. It cannot help but do this as it IS a big burning ball of gas.

(93,000,000 * 5,280) / (2.5 * 24 * 365) = 22421917.808219178082191780821918

So 22,421,917 years ago, the earth was inside the sun. We certainly can not survive on the 2 planets closer to the sun than us, we can only survive due to our perfect distance from the sun. It is very safe to say that Earth itself, could not have formed inside the sun. So the earth can not be more than 22 million years old. And life could not have existed for many millions of years afterward.

Clearly, this is a problem because we are told that the earth is many millions of years old. It is also a problem because it means that things happen much faster than we think. Maybe the Appalachian Mountains did not have millions of years to form and we have an incomplete understanding of how the Earths crust operates.

There is no real answer to how old our universe is, how we all got here, or why the process we understand to be life only exists on our own planet. The only thing we can do is be aware and continue to ask the difficult questions rather than accepting everything we are told as the truth.

Source by Aaron Haun