Is Reiki Healing Legitimate?

Reiki is considered a form of "complementary" medicine

Is Reiki healing legitimate? The short answer is “yes”, if the practitioner has been trained in the art. Just as with any other type of therapy, the “therapist” can make all the difference. Here’s a little general information about Reiki and those who practice it.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Reiki is considered a form of “complementary” medicine. People who are seriously ill and have other treatment options should not choose Reiki instead of conventional treatment, but as a complementary or adjunctive therapy, it can be very helpful in many conditions.

Skeptics generally say that people who practice Reiki and other forms of non-conventional medicine are playing on the desperation of those who are seriously ill. But, no reputable therapist would advise patients to stop other forms of treatment, to stop seeing their doctors or to keep “secrets” from their doctors about what complementary treatments they are using. Whether it be Reiki, herbal remedies or any thing else, in order to receive the most effective treatment, patients need to be able to openly discuss all of their options with their doctors.

It is no surprise that people wonder is Reiki healing legitimate. At one time, the fundamentals of this type of medicine were kept secret. High fees were charged for training and for healing. The secrecy and fee structure alone were enough to draw criticism.


Reiki healers are sometimes compared to faith healers and most of us have heard the stories about faith healers like Peter Popoff, who so-called miracles were proven to be fraudulent. But, Reiki is a legitimate form of energy medicine or “healing touch therapy”. It is not practiced by ministers or preachers, but by licensed massage therapists, nurses and anyone who is interested in learning to tap into the “universal life force”.

Reiki is actually more closely related to Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine than to faith healing. Ayurvedic medicine is widely practiced throughout India and is recognized as a legitimate form of medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine, while considered a form of alternative medicine in the West, is an integral part of the health care system in China and Taiwan.

Reiki Precious Healing Stones Credit: Max Pixel
Reiki Precious Healing Stones
Credit: Max Pixel

In the United States, the National Center for Supplemental and Alternative Medicine is currently sponsoring scientific research to answer is Reiki healing legitimate, to learn how it may work and to identify conditions in which it may be most beneficial. With research of this nature, it is difficult to be sure that everything is connected scientifically. In other words, it may be hard to “prove”. As yet, we have been unable to “prove” that the life energy or “Ki” that is used in Reiki healing exists, but maybe, with time.

Is Reiki healing legitimate? You can answer the question for yourself. Anyone can learn to use Reiki energy to improve their own health and well-being. Training is much less expensive than it was at one time and books that cover the basics are available on-line. To learn more, please visit Understanding .

Source by Patsy Hamilton