Is There a Simple Way to Cure Sweaty Palms?


Many people that suffer from excessively sweaty hands are looking for a simple way to cure sweaty palms.
Are you one of these people?

Palmar Hyperhydrosis, a.k.a excessively sweaty hands, is not as rare as you may think. Approximately 6% of the population suffer from this. That is 6 people out of 100 or 3 people out of 50. If there are 50 people in your office or classroom right now, chances are that 3 of them have hands that sweat more than normal.
Three people that dread shaking hands, that have problems typing on keyboards, that can barely grip a pen/pencil, that often soak paper when they touch it, that shy away from holding hands. The list could go on a lot longer.

Considering that this problem is so common one would imagine that someone has come up with a simple way to cure sweaty palms. This is not the case. There are methods out there that will help you treat your sweaty palms but these methods only work to a certain extent.

I have spent years studying the pharmaceutical industry and I have found that their main concern is not helping people to cure their illnesses. They are concerned with squeezing as much money out of people with a problem as possible. Have you heard of a blockbuster drug? This is a drug that will relieve people of their symptoms but the symptoms will return as soon as you stop taking it. A great form of forced continuity and a great way to make money but not so great for the little guy, the guy with the problem the he is trying to treat. This means that treating your problem will be expensive.

As a result of this, most of the mainstream ways to treat sweaty palms are either expensive, painful, ineffective or the side effects make the method to hard to use. So this answers the question of “Is there a simple way to cure sweaty hands?” and the answer is no, not if you are turning to mainstream medicine.

Source by Alexis Goode