IT Refurbishment

In this computing corporate environment, the computing devices have a definite shelf life beyond which the performance of the computing devices will continue to fall. In such a scenario, the offices with a set IT infrastructure would immediately think of dumping the older computers and network devices and replace them with newer systems and networking devices and accessories.

But there is another good option available in the form of buying refurbished IT products and networking components. There are a number of hardware manufacturers such as HP and Cisco that sell refurbished components through their dealers. Without touching the outer structure of the computing devices, these hardware providers will make some small changes in the internal components such as replacing the hard disk drive.

It’s not only the computers that are refurbished, but also the printers and the copiers also get refurbished and hit the dealer stores. In the laptop, desktop and servers segment companies like Dell sell refurbished business desks and laptops from their direct from factory outlet. The advantage of buying refurbished desks and laptops from big players like Dell is that these devices come with a certain warranty period. One can not get this warranty period with any other local dealer. Companies can also get free services for a specific period from the time of purchasing the refurbished systems. These refurbished desks and laptops are put through a thorough production process and then sent to inspection for thorough testing of the refurbished component. Vendors will put a certification on top of the refurbished devices that it has passed all the tests that a new desktop would have usually passed.

Another type of refurbished IT product are the products with small cosmetic defects such as scratches and dents. Some customers may have returned these systems without knowing that there will not be any drop in the performance of the system. So the sellers will re-sell these IT products with small cosmetic defects at reduced prices. These computers will also go through the rigorous testing process.

By opting for refurbished IT products, small and medium sized companies can save a lot of money. The companies also play a part in encouraging IT recycling and thus saving the environment from the hazardous IT waste. There are also dealers that provide excellent service and after sale support for these refurbished IT products. These dealers will also come with special offers during certain special occasions such as during Thanksgiving Day. Thus the company can save further when buying refurbished systems on such discount or special sales. In some instances, some of the dealers may do away with shipping charges during such promotional sales. So by going to their website, small and medium sized corporate homes can look for good deals on refurbished products.

Source by Claire M Jefferies