Italian President Concerned About Geert Wilder Victory


President Napolitano said: “Beware the parties that want to go back”; the victory of Geert Wilder, which campaigns against Muslim immigration has coalesced the concerns of many Dutch people. This is “anachronistic and dangerous illusion,” although it is “a tendency outside of history and out of reality.” Giorgio Napolitano, Italian President and “former Communist” said after meeting with European Parliament President Buzek. According to the Italian President it’s “impossible to ignore what has changed in the European reality”.

We are instead concerned over the President statement, which completely ignores or pretend to ignore that Islamization in Europe is slowly continuing, thanks to the appeasement of members of the cultural world of so-called liberals or better say communists to which he belongs.

That said, we are particularly happy of the Dutch people decision to stop Islamic immigration and start a review of the overall EU agreement, which we wish to collapse as soon as possible as founded only on monetary agreement and not to an organic and spiritual view.

The Italian President in its gentleman allure prefers not to look at reality demanding not turning back, while rediscovering its social-communist roots and desire to encourage a slow destruction of the hated capitalist Europe. His attitude is perfectly conformed to the political correctness of the leftists.

These old communists who still keep in the heart the plan to seize power at all costs, fail to understand that they will be first to be destroyed, with our great delight, considering that Islam cannot accept atheism.

The Italian “former communist” is the right example of the Nihilism as a principle of non-judgment which erases all laws of God.

I suggest Ahmadinejad to invite Italian President at the Army Parade, as he has found him quite a good ally and a tender support to the needs of the poor oppressed Muslims in Europe.

Please Mr. Napolitano give a look to the history and try to understand where leftists like you are pushed Europe; in the hands of the Islamic terror.

© Eraldo da Pistoia

Source by Eraldo da Pistoia