Its a Doggy Dog World for These Pets

Ever wondered how your dog would feel when you go out for brunches and outings with your friends and leave him at home? Ever wondered if they wanted to come along with you for those outings and brunches? Have you ever thought that there were food lovers just like you with pets who feel the same way?

All of these questions can be answered by these three words ‘Dog’s Day Out’ by the ‘Living the Dreamz Events.’ This event company does events where they take you for brunches along with your pet dogs at your nearest Hoppipola Outlet. This company started in September 2015. They conduct the brunches at Hoppipola Outlets across India every month.

happy pets

Nitinn Divekar, the founder of ‘Living the Dreamz,’ says, “I was having a casual talk with my friends about how to give pet parents and their pets a unique experience. So we came up with the brunch idea and started off with idealising the event. And while we started off this event, we kept pet culture as our main motive and everything else came in along with it. And later on, we devised concepts which were pet related, and would be mutually beneficial for the company as well as pet owners. According to me, the pet owners need more avenues to take their pets out, they need more such events.”

pet sketcher
Sketch Artist

The latest event brunch happened on 28th February, 2016 at Hoppipola’s Khar Branch in Mumbai. This edition of the event had a special grooming session, a separate menu for pets which was designed by Hoppipola, based on the tastes of the dogs. They had a Pet Cary Sketcher Artist where they could get a sketch made of their pets along with them and take it back as a memory, and there were a lot of games, activities for the pets and their owners which had been devised in such a way that it would encourage pet owners, to bond with their pets in a fun way.

Here are a few people who witnessed the event:-

1. Rebanta Sahijwani


“I have a Rottweiler named ‘Fury’ and we have been together since last 2 months. Every pet owner looks forward to spend quality time with their pet and this event is a very good initiative where the dog as well as their owner enjoys to the fullest.”

2. Akshay Rajhan


“I have a Rock star named ‘Monk’ who’s a Rottweiler. He’s loving, loyal and a sweetheart. Since 3 weeks he’s with us and today it was a first day out brunch for him. I would like to thank Nitinn’s team for this initiative to keep them social and healthy in a required environment.”

3. Poulomi


“My girl’s name is Ginger, She is a Labrador and she is our lucky star! She is one year old and she is our sweetheart. It has been a fun afternoon for both us.”

4. Chloe Prabhoo


“I have a 6 month-old puppy named ‘Trouble’. It was a fun filled event for both of us. And I liked the environment created by them for the pet owners and our pets.”

pirate dog

“This event is putting across our message in a fun way. So the games that pets play along with their owners stimulate the breeds. Every breed has been designed for a specific purpose. So this is to get the breed out of that dog. Games have been devised by the professionally trained team on board. They have learnt and studied from South Africa and they came here and devised these games on their own. We are getting hold of various professionals from this industry, putting them together and creating a new event property,” says Nitinn.