Kalki Koechlin’s ‘The Printing Machine’ is a Scathing Critique on Media

Kalki Koechlin is back with yet another hard-hitting video that is all over social media. Funnily enough, the video slams social media among other things. Kalki collaborated with YouTube fashion channel Blush on a poem about the printing machine.

Here she presents the sorry state of women in India through the eyes of a printing machine – Women who are victimized at the hands of beasts (ruthless men) and politicians who then degrade them further with their inappropriate remarks. She talks about menstruating women being stripped searched, women being hung on trees. The printing machine never stops printing such horrific crimes, even though it may stop for a while, history repeats itself.

The five-minute long video also includes headlines about the Delhi gang rape case along with the hanging of girls in UP.

The printing machine doesn’t stop printing reports of crime against women involving sexual assaults but at the same time, the same printing machine blinds us with beauty magazines that dictate what and how we should feel about ourselves. Women are sold the idea of beauty and expected to look a certain way. “After all you are what you say and not what you do.” The news of gang rapes and murder just fit perfectly in our morning routines as we sip on our tea holding the crisp newspaper. It highlights how these issues have turned into a source of entertainment for many and bloody headlines get reduced to black and white ink. With people being desensitized to such important issues, the future certainly looks bleak. Kalki believes that the “Indian culture and heritage” has suffered a massive set back.

Every time a woman tries to climb her way out of being objectified, a bikini is thrown her way, because she is capable of only so much.

And so “Chrr tak tak taka daka tak chree… goes the steady printing machine,”

Kalki tells us everything we already know, and already ignore.

Her powerful message has been the talk of the town and is being heavily discussed on social media. Watch it below: