Khaan, Paan aur Shaan: The Hard-hitting Truth Behind the Beef Ban in Maharashtra

Its been almost a year since the ban on slaughter of cows and he consumption of meat came into place in Maharashtra. Most of us have to learnt to live with it believing it to be a ploy of vote-bank politics. Many people believe the ban was put into place to protect the religious sentiments of the majority population but as this docu-film by the BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) students of K.C College, Mumbai suggest, that is not entirely the case. The well-shot crisply edited film starts off with a history of the ban of the slaughter of cows and bullocks to the present day. They also explain that the aim of this ban is to preserve cattle for their use in agriculture.

Journalists and lawyers break it down for us but what is the most hard-hitting is the interview with the famers. The farmers say that during tough times when they can’t even afford feed themselves, they have no option but to sell cattle. And now that cow slaughter is banned, who will buy them now. What about buffaloes? They produce milk too but because they have been not deemed as holy, they are fit for slaughter. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that India is one of the largest exporter of buffalo meat in the world. The interview with the BJP MLA is another highlight. And has the ban actually come into effect? Watch the film to find out: