Kibio –A BIO Cosmetic And Skin Care Product

Kibio, the organic cosmetic skin care specialist is characterized as a natural cosmetic BIO product.

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Kibio, the organic cosmetic skin care specialist is characterized as a natural cosmetic BIO product.  Why?

This is mainly because the Kibio products which include gels and cosmetic creams are chemicals free.  That is, they contain no mineral oils, no animals’ materials, no chemical substances or synthetic perfumes/colorants, no artificial fragrances which can, later on, have a bad effect or irritations on your skins.  Natural ingredients and natural extracts from floral waters, vegetable oils and essential oils are used.  Furthermore, no animal testing is conducted.

For instances, Kibio organic relaxing leg gel enjoys taking your care.  This cosmetic is good for your skin as it contains at least 95% active ingredients, including a vital proportion of natural ingredients.

This relaxing leg gel is a treatment gel as it relaxes and relieves all the fatigue amassed in your swollen legs.  After its daily use, you can thus enjoy the instant feeling of lightness, comfort, and well-being.

peppermint, lemongrass, and elderberry.  Lemongrass helps to improve your skins’ tonnes by reducing acne and pimples.  The peppermint-based cosmetic will moisturize, improve your blood circulation in your feet and vital energy after an exhausting day, thus, refresh your skin.  It is available in a 150ml tube.

Kibio Bio – Intemporelle Absolute Cream is made up of white Japanese pine, butterfly buddleia, and Rowan tree buds.  It is safe, natural, vegetal, effective and genuine.  It is a rich cream for damaged skins.  By using it daily, your skin is sure to regenerate, thus making it become denser.  Wrinkles will also gradually disappear thus making your skin more nourishing and fresh.  You will benefit from an instant relief.  This cosmetic facial cream is available in the 40ml tube in drugstores and shops and was recently photographed by PackshotCreator photo studio.

Kibio is an environmental-friendly cosmetic. So use KIBIO cream – no harm to the planet and to yourself.  By making the use of Kibio, you will enjoy a youthful appearance and a glowing skin texture.


Source by Kriti Rambaran