Kissed by Melissa

Meet Melissa Kisses Cosplay from the United States

Facebook/Kisses Cosplay

What do you get when you mix a software engineer, a black belt holder in Karate and someone who loves to play dress-up? You get Melissa Kisses Cosplay, a really fun lady who’s cosplaying skills are something else altogether. Excerpts from an interview:

Why do you cosplay?

I cosplay as a way to express my artistic side and it’s also fun and a great way to meet people

When did you start cosplaying and who did you first cosplay as?

I have always been the kid who loved to dress up. My first real cosplay was back in 2013 as Panty from Panty & Stocking. I started making my own in 2015.

Out of all the Cosplays that you’ve done, which one is your favourite? Is there any specific reason for the same?

Facebook/Kisses Cosplay
Facebook/Kisses Cosplay

My favourite has to be Yang from RWBY. She’s a major favourite among the community and I also feel like my personality brings her to life.

Which costume was the hardest to make?

Instagram/accent kisses
Instagram/accent kisses

Tough call. We’re awful with doing things last minute, so most of our cosplays are done within two weeks. My Destiny Hunter had to be the toughest due to the fog effect we had installed in the mask. It worked for the photoshoot then broke so bad we haven’t revisited it yet.

Which is the one character you want to cosplay the most but haven’t cosplayed yet?

One that’s been planned but I haven’t had a chance to do would be Triss Merigold from the Witcher 3. Most of my cosplays I plan around meeting celebrities (such as creators/voice actors etc), so others have just gotten ahead of her much as I am really wanting to make her.

Facebook/Kisses Cosplay
Facebook/Kisses Cosplay

You are one of those Cosplayers who people really look up to. Do you have any message for your fans and for those who share the same passion for cosplay as yourself?

Never give up and keep improving. I still have no idea what I’m doing with some aspects but I do my best and always learn from each new cosplay.

When are you coming to India?

Gosh! I’d love to, but right now I’ve only just started travelling for cosplay within the USA. I’d love to travel internationally! The best way to get me to attend a convention would be to suggest me to the conventions as a Cosplay Guest. I’m way more likely to attend an event if I’ve been invited!

Facebook/Kisses Cosplay
Facebook/Kisses Cosplay

What is the best compliment you’ve got till date?

Being told I look just like Felicia Day! I got to meet her recently and she told me I’m too pretty to pass as her body double. Talk about a double compliment right there!

What do you do in your free time?

Heh, what is this ‘free time’? I still work a day job as a software engineer, so that eats a good 60+ hours a week of my time. Cosplay gets my remaining time. If not those two, then video games! I’ve been playing OverWatch lately.